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Carriers Quick-Start Guide

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Once you've completed your New Dimensions missions to get the carriers, you can join the queue in the beasts themselves! 

1. Once in battle, you'll want to launch a squadron. Choose either torpedo or dive bombers by pressing X (Xbox) or Square (PlayStation), and launch the planes by pressing RT (Xbox) or R2 (PlayStation).


2. To maneuver the squadron, move the left stick to either side. You can also speed up or slow down your squadron by moving the left stick forward or backward, but that will heat up the planes' engines. To cool the engines down, you can use the appropriate consumable, which only becomes available once your planes are in the air. Please note that this consumable isn't affected by Commander skills.


3. To preserve your planes and your ability to deal damage, try avoiding any flak explosions that you see in the air. They signify areas of increased anti-aircraft damage. Otherwise, the AA suites of enemy ships will deal damage over time, once your planes are within their guns’ range.


4. Attacking with torpedo bombers: line up the grey triangle with your target and take a significant lead, then press RT (Xbox) or R2 (PlayStation). At this point, two of your attacking planes will descend in preparation for launching their torpedoes. You are able to move your squadron and aim left or right, however, each time you do so, the torpedo spread will widen, and the torpedoes launch along the outside lines of your aim. You can speed up or slow down when approaching to drop the torpedoes, and once you're satisfied with your aim, press RT/R2 again to launch. When you pull the trigger, you'll see a countdown on the right-hand side of the screen, that countdown denotes the time left to make the drop. If you do not launch your torpedoes before it reaches zero, your approaching aircraft will return to the squadron without attacking. Also remember that torpedoes do not arm instantly, so do not let your aim overshoot the target.


5. Attacking with dive bombers is very similar to attacking with torpedo bombers, but your aim is an ellipse and your projectiles travel downwards instead of under the water’s surface. You still need to take a significant lead—usually a full hull-length of the target ship, if not more for destroyers or fast cruisers, and it’s preferable to "overtake" the ship with your aim in order to get a good hit. For the best results, try to line up your aim horizontally in front of the ship.


6. If your squadron encounters any enemy fighters, you cannot do much about it with Tier III carriers. However, with Tier V carriers, you can call in patrol fighters that will come to your squadron’s aid and defend it from aerial threats.


7. Once you're done with an attack, you can start another one, provided that there are more planes in your squadron. You can also return the squadron to the carrier by pressing down on your directional pad.

8. Be prepared for a lot of trial and error!

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