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Can we still sign up as a Ps4 alpha tester?

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7 hours ago, fringecandidate said:

Hi, can we still sign up to be a Ps4 alpha tester? If so, how and where do we do that? Thanks

Sign ups are currently closed. Keep an eye on the Announcements Forum because that’s where they’ll announce when they’re accepting new applicants. Ordinarily, the link below(thanks, Ladytanker) is the signup button.  It’s gonna be a while though.... The first round of testing for PS4 is sometime in August. 

11 minutes ago, LadyTanker said:

Also, the sign up link that is on this page no longer works. https://wowslegends.com/#


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As my friend @BrogueOne said, the registrations for alpha tester have been closed, for the moment there is no exact announcement of when there will be another chance to enter but read the Forums and the Discord to know when there will be another chance.

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