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Welcome to the World of Warships: Legends Official Forum!

This forum is here to accommodate your discussions of ideas, gameplay, and any other aspects of World of Warships: Legends with other players. At the alpha stage we're looking to collect as much feedback as possible, so the game is polished and proper when it's released.

Community forums are usually at their best when participants treat their fellow posters with respect and courtesy. We do know that sometimes people disagree, however we ask that you conduct yourself in a civilized manner when participating and respect the rules.


Be Constructive

Please keep all communication between yourself and other players or employees of Wargaming constructive.  Posts which are not constructive can impact the visibility of important discussions and discourage others from participating.

The following are examples of non-constructive commentary which may be subject to forum moderation:

Naming/Blacklisting - While discussing things like team composition or your experiences with players in general is permitted, creating threads or posts for the explicit purpose of attacking another specific user is not.  Please be sure to use the "report" feature for issues of harassment or cheating. 

Personal Attacks - Posts disparaging someone based on race, nation, religion or sexual orientation are not allowed and may result in immediate suspension. 

Nerf/Buff Threads - While concerns around balance are always welcome, please be specific in your request and if you disagree with another poster remain constructive.

Trolling - Trolling is posting with a reasonable expectation of a negative response from other players and should be avoided at all times.

Petitions - Decisions about the design of World of Warships are made a number of ways which can include discussion from our forums, however we do not allow petitions as they rarely bring specific and constructive feedback we need.

Recreating Locked Threads - If a thread has been locked, there was a reason behind it, so please do not recreate it referencing the original thread or topic.


Personal Information

Your privacy is very important to us, so please do not reveal any personal information about yourself or anyone else on the official forums.  If you see such information, please report the thread/post and our moderation team will review it.

Profanity and provocative content

The game is not yet rated by ESRB, but we expect you to behave respectfully and avoid profanities, be it explicit or somehow implied/hidden.  If a word is filtered, it is done so with intention so please do not attempt to circumvent with the substitution of other letters/characters.  Please do not post inappropriate images or links and keep the discussion and content on the "safe for work" side.

Discussing other games

We are not explicitly against you discussing other games, but please do that in the "Off-topic" section. When it comes to baiting or leading topics like "title X has this and you don't" we will most likely delete them as no constructive dialogue usually stems from there. Also please remember that discussion doesn't equal promotion.


If you disagree with actions of our moderation, please do not discuss or challenge them on the forum.  Contact a member of the Community team to clearly state your concern and they will be happy to assist. 

Strike system

We employ a strike system to deal with rule violations. When the forum rules are broken, we suspend the culprits' account for 1 day, then 7 days, then 30 days, and finally - permanently. First suspension will be preceded by a warning. In fringe cases we will try to contact the user first to resolve the issue, without resorting to suspensions. 
However, if the violation is considered extremely offensive and deliberate, we might ban the account outright.


We moderate the forum to the best of our abilities, but we are still human. So if you see something - say something, using the report function, and we will get to it quicker. Each member of the community is responsible for keeping it friendly and respectful.


These guidelines are not comprehensive but provide guidance for expected conduct on the World of Warships forums.  Failure to abide by them or direction from World of Warships staff may result in posting privileges being temporarily or permanently suspended. Moreover, if the violations are persistent, we reserve the right to revoke access to the alpha test from the player as well.



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