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The shortest FAQ!

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For all Twitter users, those who don't have time to scoop the forums and discord channel for info, and just for general convenience, we will maintain this thread with short, brutal, loud and clear answers on WoWS Legends - based on our comms everywhere.
Please note that the info here is always subject to change and is relevant at the time of publication! 

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Play sessions will start in July!

Playstation testing will start a bit later than Xbox!

Alpha will feature USN and IJN trees, but no carriers!

There will be 7 (VII, seven!) tiers of ships! We will not answer any questions about particular ships and will deflect those with poor attempts at comedy!

There will be no cross premium time with WoT console or WoWs PC.

No crossplay between PS/Xbox or consoles/PC (different game).

No transfer of assets from PC to consoles.

The UI WILL be nice on huge screens!

The controls ARE comfortable and intuitive!

Ships pictured on our promo screens are confirmed 🙂

The slogan is "Turn the tide!"

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