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Known issues

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There are some bugs which we're already squashing! Please familiarize yourself with this list, so you don't submit duplicates. If you encounter something new please use the "Report a bug" feature of this forum.

User interface

  • Returning to port from the results screen may take an extra second or two long
  • Torpedo reload icon and and button tooltip are positioned too close together
  • Players can still be invited into divisions even during battle (shouldn't be the case)
  • When ship moves at a high speed some UI elements (ribbons and achievements) start to shake and blur
  • Icons of destroyed ships "shake" on the minimap sometimes
  • After moving backwards in a ships and then stopping the speed remains at a 0.2 knots value
  • Noticeable lag when the ship progress window is open
  • Recently added friends appearing after offline friends on the firendlist
  • Online friends appearing in random order on the friendlist
  • Clemson first main upgrade doesn't show what the improvements or detriments are
  • Camera rotating independently of player input when targeting with torpedoes and sailing near isles


  • Torpedo reloading sounds keep on playing after the ship has been destroyed


  • Cross hairs move together with the "LS unlock guns" tooltip leaving their initial trajectory
  • Cross hairs "twitching" up and down in binocular view


  • Buoys inside the battle map cause light reflections to appear outside the map border
  • When in binocular view and aiming beyond the map border the aiming dot on the water shakes
  • After getting destroyed player's ship model shakes


  • After continuously playing for 3-4 hours you may experience a crash, which is rectified by closing the game and relaunching it
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