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Veteran PC alpha player with initial PS4 Pro impression

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Been playing PC version since the alpha days and after 4000 battles, I finally got sick of the game and stopped playing months ago. It's now VERY weird to be playing this game on my PS4 Pro but so far, I'm pretty impressed. The core function of the game translates well to consoles and the framerate seems steady on my Pro at 1080


  1. Graphics convert well to consoles and this coming from a 1440p 120hetz  1080ti user
  2. Aiming system has been adapted pretty well to controller style, but targeting at long distance can be tough
  3. Sound and audio all carries over from PC version, can't complain
  4. Ships definitely "move faster" vs PC version. The destroyers feel like jet skiis and the baffleships handle like tugboats on crack. Console gamers must be more "impatient" apparently 


  1. Camera system really sucks with controller, especially in heat of battle and trying to get aim when camera continually shifts down near the water and their is jack shit you can do about it.
  2. You cannot manually zoom in and out with free" locked" camera mode, it only pans around
  3. Sound balance on my surround system is horrible, highs and lows do not come out balanced and the bass is way overkill on the guns
  4. What sucks the worst is I have all my 107 of my ships, 28 elite commanders, Missouri, Musashi and 30 other premium ships all on my PC account......

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