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December BETA Feedback: UI, New Players, Gameplay, Tutorials

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so, some feedback after playing 15 or so matches from a veteran wows player:

+ very nicely built for TV screens
+ good and clear distinction for UI objects
+ VERY nice implementation of gun reload/firing arcs within the crosshair.
+ good team overview screen
- ship direction and viewing lines on minimap could need some better contrast, VERY hard to see
- ship direction/gun alignment overview in the bottom center of the screen hard to make out when zoomed in
- the flow "start battle -> ai/pvp -> ship selection" feels a bit strange. I guess ranked or missions will come in later on into the game, i'd prefer the ai/pvp selection to be made after the ship selection though. "Start Battle [X] (hold for other game modes)" might be an idea
- the ribbons for pens/overpens need a splice of color to tell the player "this was a good hit". they currently don't give good visual feedback
- the cooldown for torpedo reload should be visible before switching the armament. it's a bit much button juggling currently, especially for new players

+ good adoption of the player's rank and unlocking one feature after another! i found it properly paced
+ overall good info screens when unlocking the new features
- lack of tutorials/introduction to the game mechanics (will give suggestions below)
- team overview screen should state :Name: bots as (Bot) or (AI) as only WOWS PC players will know the difference immediately
* Commanders: show a suggestion for which ship type they're best suited for. They're clearly built with specific types in mind and it would help new players quickly getting over this learning hurdle.
+ overall a nice adoption of the wows experience! kudos to the team for the already polished experience 🙂
- so far I haven't found anything that I'd change, honestly

1. UI - go through all elements of the UI in battle and explain what stuff does/shows. Shell travel time? Free look?
2. Gameplay - difference between pens/overopens/shatters etc. - those are all completely new things for the majority of wows:legends players but have a wild effect on their performance and therefore enjoyment of the game
3. Progress - Explain the four currencies and what they are used for IN DETAIL. F2P players are used to different currencies, but give the new (and non-regular) players a proper overview

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I have some of the same interface quibbles.  Making some of the things slightly configurable, names larger or smaller, indicator icons bigger or smaller, for bigger or smaller screens and younger or older eyes would be good.  And yeah, for my set-up, the pens and overpens and such are pretty much 100% indistinguishable.  I ended up just watching damage indicators instead.

In all, I agree, it's really well adapted.  I can't think of any real structural changes I'd suggest - only polish.

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