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My 2nd day of beta play

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So as the title says my 2nd day, things got interesting a few more human players in teams this time around 4 per team alltho this changed for my first teir 5 game which had 2 on each team with no bots at all.

So after playing today I've noticed that at teir 4 the spawn points on the maps seem to close together, this might be down to the maps being small but being in a battleship that can hit at 14km this seems over kill from the start, for brand new players this is gonna but them off, for vet's its seal clubing, also with the spawning it's quite close to islands on some maps. 

Getting citadels seems harder today might just be me tho lol love the kracken medal for getting 5 kills, I'm also thankful for not haveing team damage on when a freinds collides with you and you fire a full salvo.

I did however mess up with a commander by training him to lvl 17 only to realise he was more suited for destroyers than battle ships, I think there should be some marker that says what ships they are more suited to.

I did notice at teir 5 the new Mexico gets a fighter plane shouldn't this be a scout? As ATM fighters are a bit redundant as there are no cv.

Any how another awesome day playing this didn't notice anything that was clitchy or broke the game and am now used to the ui just getting used to the rewards and how they are shown ingame

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