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My beta feedback...

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...because I couldn't see anywhere better to put it!

Well, alas my too-short time with the beta has already come to an end as I travel down to be with my family for Christmas. I put in a good five or six hours on Friday when I could and my TLDR review would be that the game is shaping up really well and I’m gutted I couldn’t have more time with it! The controls and UI felt great, the pacing of the game seemed a little faster than PC which I liked, and it sounded fantastic. Below I’ve listed a few things which I think could be improved or thought about, but overall this is looking like a game I will be playing a lot of come release.
The in-game UI does a good job, but there are a few critical pieces of information missing which I would like to see added. There is no numerical indication of either your ships detection range, or your maximum torpedo range. I know both are displayed graphically with minimap circles, but a numerical indicator to me would be much clearer. On PC your detection range is indicated next to the targeting reticule – I don’t see why the same thing wouldn’t work here. Perhaps your torpedo max range could briefly flash up in the bottom right somewhere when you switch to them? That way it wouldn’t be too intrusive and clutter the screen, but would give you the opportunity to check if you’ve forgotten. On the subject of torpedoes, the reload time only appears when all your tubes are empty, so if you’ve only fired the launchers from one side you never know how long you have left to wait. Some sort of loading indicator for each tube would be good.
I liked the new commander system, it’s the first time I’ve seen one in a Wargaming title which isn’t designed to punish players for not spending real money on crew transfers! My only concern is how the absence/restriction of certain skills will affect the game. I couldn’t find the equivalent of PC's priority target skill although I remember seeing it in some YouTube footage so I know it is there somewhere. However given how powerful and useful the skill is, I think it would be great if it could just be a standard feature alongside the detected indicator. Secondly, the last stand skill is pretty much universally accepted as being mandatory for destroyers due to the fragility of their engines and rudders. I saw something which I think acts partly like the PC skill but only once the commander reaches legendary rank. In effect this is pretty much a class-wide nerf to destroyers since they were the main beneficiaries of the skill, so I would encourage some thought to go into how they can be balanced around this.
Other than that there were just a few things that are probably coming in future updates anyway. The pre and post battle screens don’t have all the information I would expect, the port could use some adjustments (an armour viewer would be a good addition), and the in game communication options are limited.
Like I said though, well done to the devs, this game is looking in great shape and I can’t wait till the next time I get to play

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What annoys me the most are the bots

Sure they are easy to kill. 

But I noticed something while fighting against them in a pvp battle. even when you are not spotted. They will follow you. 

Example : I am running from a BB in my DD I am not detected, I turn to flank him and the AI course corrects and turns to face me. I turn the other way. He turns the other way 😒🙄 

Not cool, as it's almost impossible to torpedo bots as they know when to dodge and always know your location >~> unless you're literally right on top of them other than that it's all good. 

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