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Last day of beta

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With the weekend coming to a close, I am thankful for getting the chance to try the closed beta. Being a wotc player on ps4 I felt quite comfortable with the game and found it easy to dive into.

What I liked about the game was how fluid the controls felt while stearing my ship or firing off my guns. The torpedos took a bit to get used too but found with a bit of practice I was able to often hit my targets.

So far I didnt find any bugs, but there a few things I would to see implamented into the game when it goes live. Most has already been covered by other payers but just want to highlight their opinion.

  1. Give more options for upgrades. Want the 120mm high alpha low dpm? Or 100mm high dpm faster ship? (Dont no ship gun size sorry)
  2. Not sure if wows has this option but in wotc if you hit the left tigger in the garage you pull up a menue of sorts highlighting what everything on screen means. Free xp, ship xp, captain xp (took a while to figure out what the blue star was for)
  3. I know most people want the mini map lower right, but I am fine with it where it is because it might get in the way when dodging torps. Perhaps have a UI option to move it?
  4. I would like to see a cool down timer in the HUD to tell when my torps are ready to fire. Dont like it when I'm in the middle of an intense fight, switching to my torps only to find out I still have 5sec left!
  5. A better way to show me what penned, what bounced and what over penned ect. One shot could give off a lot of different info in the middle of battle. Was my shot effective? Or did I bounce/over pen most of my shells.
  6. Do we need an armor view option? I have read that you want to have a 45 deg angle to bounce shells. But what is the armor on the bow of a battleship? Drive straight into fire or angle?
  7. In the after action report I would like to be able to click on some of the medals I have earned to see how I got them. I know I got the Kracken for sinking 5 ships, but not sure how I earned some of the other medals.


Thanks again for the beta inv. I hope I get another chance to play (after tonight) before it goes live.

Merry Christmas everyone!

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