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My feedback over the weekend :)

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I had alot of fun playing this weekend. 

The game feels nice. Though there are a few minor things that annoyed / bugged me

Lack of information was one of them. 

Not knowing your torpedo range in game was kind of an issue. I often forgot mid battle. But it's no big deal. another thing that bothers me. Is aiming in at someone will auto aim there predicted path. So quickly aiming in 2x will put your cursor on the correct lead which honestly felt cheap and took away from the skill. and I hope, that feature is removed once the game goes live. 

The bots where also really annoying at times. when playing DDs and hunting a bot BB the AI always knows your location and so they will course correct even though you are not currently spotted...

I don't like that the bots know where you are at despite being unspotted. but that's not major I can live with it. 

other than that the game felt pretty good. I'm a little disappointed that they buffed BB concealment to unrealistic standards but what are you going to do lol. 

The new commander system is really cool +1 from me 🙂


Can't wait to play when it goes live uwu

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