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Beta Bug Report

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Hello developers!

You've no doubt received a lot of input on this, and probably some of this will be redundant.  Hopefully there will be some new things you will find helpful.

First of all, I really like what you've done with this game!  Very much looking forward to the final production version when it's done, assuming early next year.  I especially LOVED the player-on-AI option this game has and would HIGHLY recommend it's inclusion in a later version of WOT.  Just sad I couldn't get to play the Yamato this time around!  :biggrin:  Yes, there are a few minor glitches, but that's to be expected.  The fact that there weren't that many to begin with is a very good thing.  It actually reminded me of the old days playing the various versions of Taldren's Starfleet Command series, which I enjoyed immensely.  In fact, if you managed to acquire the licensing to reskin your models for Battlestar Galactica, Star Trek and/or Star Wars, you would have a seriously kick-a$$ starship combat simulator on your hands and canonical ship lineages are well-documented for those universes.

Anyways, on to the comments.  As a developer myself, I understand the value of comprehensive bug reports as well as prioritization of said bugs so that more critical things could be given extra focus over smaller things and nice-to-have's.

High Priority:

  • 1 full game crash - All game play freezes and about 5 frames of sound play repetitively, making the hung "buzzsaw" sound effect.  This only happened once, so I couldn't detect a discernible pattern to ascertain what caused it.  Hopefully your beta version was sending exception data  back to your servers to nail it down.
  • 2 temporary freezes - Game play temporarily froze for several seconds and then picked up again later after updating the ship's new position based on velocity and directional vectors.  It was reminiscent of server lag that I experienced when there was too much latency on the network.  Also an uncommon occurrence.
  • 4 disconnects from server - This was not the same as the frequent "server full" errors that I got when trying to get into a new game (that other message is understandable and doesn't need further elaboration).  This would happen only when in the ship "garage", punting me out back to the first reminder screen with the "this is a Beta" message.  This would never happen when in an actual game.

Medium Priority:

  • Communication wheel menu stopped working on second day.  It would come up when I hit the bumper, but I couldn't actually select a message with either the trigger or "A" button.  Selecting the message with the left stick while holding down the left bumper with the same hand is also awkward.  Recommend WOT model where left bumper brings it up, right stick selects and "A" button or right trigger sends the message.

Low Priority:

  • When going to the full player list w/ the big map, the selection box should default to the player's boat first.  For now, it seems like it's position up and down the team list appears random.
  • Use WOT green icons for team ships and yellow icon for your ship in the lineup.  The blue icons with teal player marker makes it very hard to determine which one you are.
  • Add commas for the thousands and million number places.  Us Americans don't understand blanks or periods for those things like the Europeans use. :classic_wink:
  • The animated loading anchor logo (they used to call these things "throbbers" in the early days of the web) flickers and jumps around oddly every time it comes up.


  • More consumable & equipment types, camo patterns and banners, which I suspect we'll likely see in later versions of the game.
  • More ops to earn "promotion orders" & "insignias" to up-level legendary commanders.
  • A key to what all the new equipment icons mean.  Took me a while to dig down and find what the acoustic sonar was all about.
  • Maybe a less cumbersome way to switch between guns and torpedoes.  Not sure of a better way to do this at present.  I just know my fingers got confused when in the midst of a fight and I was trying to switch to torps and I accidentally switched gun ammo, resetting the reload clock.  That was a bit frustrating.


  • How does AA work?  I didn't see any buttons for that and I was hoping it may be automatic, but I kept getting strafed by attack planes and couldn't shoot them down.
  • I'm assuming one gets more personal commendations by playing more mission ops in a more complete game, but would like to confirm that?  Didn't seem to get any this time around and my commanders were all stuck at level 16.

I think that about covers it for this run.  Looking forward to seeing what you all come up with in the months ahead.  Thanks for doing this!

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