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Sheridan Green

Another Personal Feedback Thread

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Just a few notes from my play this weekend.  Love the game, it's been a long time coming, and I hope to play more soon.


- Battleships are too weak.  Direct hits by BB on DDs with both HE or AP can do damage, but not enough before they rush you and put torpedoes into your side.  Putting a 12-inch high explosive shell into a DD should have more impact, especially as far as I can tell, DDs do not have citadels, so AP is useless.  At this point, it is a viable tactic to rush an enemy group as they cannot kill you in time before you unload all your torpedoes into a BB, which may kill them and you, but even if not, you have something like a 4-to-1 damage given-to-taken ratio.  This reward is incentivizing bad play.

- Torpedo loading/aiming is glitchy/clunky.  I have had occasions where I was waiting in “torpedo-mode” for the launchers to reload.  I had my shot set up and ready to go, and as soon as I heard the reload sound, I shot off the torpedoes.  But because I had two launchers, it “changed” the launcher view to the one that was reloaded first, which caused my shot to be way off because the other torpedo tubes were pointed slightly differently.  The game should automatically show you as aiming the torpedo launcher that will be reloaded FIRST, so that when the reload occurs, the correct tubes are pre-aimed and there is no switching.

- The left trigger (binocular) should be toggle-to-zoom, rather than hold-down-to-zoom.  It can get tiring to constantly hold down the left trigger button to stay on target.  A toggle would be appreciated.

- The “lock gun position” button (left bumper I believe) should be a toggle-to-lock, not a hold-to-lock.  It is annoying to have to keep that button held down when you are trying to maneuver your ship.

- I cannot tell what earns XP as there is no detailed accounting in the battle results screen.  Is there no spotting XP?  Does damage attained with AP, HE, Fire Damage, Flooding, etc result in different XP values?  How much XP does a kill give compared to other XP earning activities?  (Please stop giving incentives for people to “hold their fire” to secure the kill.)  More detailed XP results would be appreciated, so I know what to focus on to optimize XP.

- The “special” resources you need to get for mid- and high-level commander promotions are confusing and annoying.  If I have the commander XP to upgrade, I should not have to wait for special missions to get the commendations needed for promotion, or worse, have to pay for them.  As it was, I could not get past level 16 in the beta because some commendations were not given.

- The linear progress system is not bad, but you are forcing us to make decisions that are not optimal again.  For most of the ships, getting the next upgrade improved your ship.  I noticed for the USN Battleships (I did not make it to the IJN BBs), the final upgrade was fairly poor.  Why would I give up secondaries to gain AA and HP?  There are very few planes in the game.  Is there any way to keep the secondaries and still get the HP increase?  Every other upgrade was a net increase in performance; these last upgrades seemed like a step back.



- The line on the minimap that shows which direction you are looking needs to be bolder. It is hard to see, and gets missed in all the clutter in the minimap, as the view cone and direction line appear to be the same weight and color as the gridlines.

- Please indicate your torpedoes’ range somewhere in the combat screen during the match.  I can determine my approximate gun range just by aiming as far away as I can see.  It appears the only place to see torpedo range is in the stats screen in the lobby.  Apologies if this already exists somewhere and I missed it.

- Base capture timers would be nice to have, so we know how much time we have to defend the base or hide in the enemy base.

- It would be great if the minimap was in the lower-right, as that is where it is in WoT, so many of us already have the muscle memory of looking to the lower-right for position.



- Game only crashed three times in two days of playing (8-10 hours a day).  However, after the crash it took a VERY long time to start up the game again. 

- During the matches, it only lagged a little a handful of times.  Nothing that noticeable.  Great work!

- I waited over 10 minutes in the Tier V Pensacola and never got to play it in PvP.  It felt like Tier V DDs and BBs were common in PvP matches, but not cruisers...  I did get to try it out in in PvE though.  

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As long as you don't overpen, you can still damage DDs with AP. But as a battleship, you are more dependent on your ally cruisers to sink the destroyers. They're   typically more maneuverable, have better turret traverse, and faster rate of fire.

They have not added the more in-depth post-battle results yet, but spotting damage is a thing. But even on PC, there aren't really any medals for that. Damage is damage though, type doesn't matter. Unless you get a Witherer or Arsonist medal maybe? 🤔 I don't believe there's really any incentive to steal kills. Only kill medal in game is a Kraken Unleashed. 

The special resources to get to Legendary have not been added yet, no signs to indicate that we would have to buy them. When you switch to aim torpedos, the white circle showing gun range on minimap changes to torpedo range. Internet issues? And there weren't really many people playing Tier V period. Tiers II-III-IV were best for finding games. 

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3 and 4 had it as lock on the left stick, but that put speed up/down on a and b with b being speed down.  Which was not intuitive for me at all because b is the forward most button.  It was fine just sailing around, but when knife fighting dds, i would always hit b to speed up but actually slow down.  I ended up using option 2, speed on l stick and lock on lb. 

As someone who played mostly dds, I was blatted by more bbs then I blatted with torps, lol. 

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