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Feedback from closed beta

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Had a great time playing over the weekend.  I dont know how many matches I got in, but was able to play  3 days and I think I finished all the ops.   

Little background on myself.  I have around 4k games in WOWS PC, with 51% of games in destroyers, mainly gunboats.  Long-term wr 49%, short-term close to 59%.  19.1k games in Mercenaries with a wr of 52%.  Solo player, no clans, divisions or platoons.  I enjoy playing all games on pc as much as on console. 


I really liked the guns on target and reload indicator, very easy to read and see the states of your guns.  Overall gameplay and controls ported well from pc.  Ship look and detail was very good. much better than I expected it to be.  Map detail was also very good.  Visually I was pleased with everything.   The way commanders are handled I think will work well.  It gives a decent amount of options to set up a ship to your liking.  Ops were reasonable and attainable.  I was able to navigate around the interface easily and intuitively.  


Game play was very stable for me.  I had one crash during a game.  When I signed back in everything seemed to load fine, but I got stuck on the Ready to Battle screen until the match was over.  It never put me back in the game, and I couldnt get back to the main menu screen.  I could select exit match and it would exit the match, but just restart the same loop when I would sign back in.  Once the match was over, everything was back to normal.  There were a few times when I would get a server too full message and had to play AI for a bit.  I was typically able to get back into a PvP match in short order.  


As for bugs, this is about all I saw that I would call out of the norm.   I could get a target lock and score hits on ships while targeting and shooting through houses.  I would not get a terrain indicator.  If i moved my crosshairs down, terrain indicator came on and shells hit the islands.  Daily bonus stars on ships didnt seem to work right visually, but payout appeared correct.  When returning to port after a match, some ships I had already received the daily bonus for first win would still show the star.  Then after signing out of the game and signing back in, the star would be gone, representing the correct status.  Playing a match would restart the process.  



     Expanded view.  I found it a little hard to lay down hot torp beats when needed.  I couldnt get a clear angle of approach of torps sometimes.  At the angle I could view from, it was hard for me to tell if I was going to be able to cut inside of the torp, or if I was going to turn into it.  My defense just turned into engine off, turn into torps.  It works, but I like to be able to drive around them.

     Mini map size options.  I found it hard to read sometimes.  I had to go to the big map to get  clear view of the battlefield.  Ship size compared to island size is too disproportional on the minimap.  

     Ammo swap options, not just reload.  It would be nice to have the option to be able to switch to he from ap or ap to he without having to also reload. If I have he loaded in a cruiser and and a broadside cruiser is coming around an island.  Now I want ap, I dont want to waste the he salvo, but I also want to get the ap loaded as fast as possible.  

     Scoring citadels.  I found it harder to register citadels when a ship was broadside compared to angled or bow/stern on.  I could land multiple ap rounds under stacks and turrets with no citadels registering, but as soon as that same ship turned away.  I would start to register citadels.  This is cruiser on cruiser action.  Sitting back and thinking about it, this very well may be an intended mechanic to save idiots.  If it is........c'mon man.  I want my paddlins. 

     Collision avoidance.  Be able to turn this on or off.  There were a few times I was sailing close to an island, and it started to steer me the wrong way around  the island.  The wrong way being the longer way at the time and not the general direction I was traveling.  

     Controls and controller.  I tried a couple different control options over the weekend.  I would prefer to use, I believe option 4 where speed up/down is on the a and b button.  The problem I ran into with this is that once I started to knife fight with dds, speed up is on a and cant be moved, speed down is on b.  The b button is more forward of the a button.  When I am just sailing around, I didnt have a problem with it.  But once the action started, I intuitively would always hit b to speed up, and not a.  This led to a few unnecessary deaths.  I ended up using I think option 4, with speed up/down on the left stick and was able to control my speed in all situations.  But then that changed how gun lock would work.  It moved from the left stick to lb and went from push to lock on the stick, to momentary on the button.  I much preferred the push to lock over momentary.  


I am not a fan of the compressed tier system and it is currently game breaking for me.  There is too much of a difference between a stock and upgrade ship per tier, and its adjacent tier.  Ships are going through huge dpm changes per tier.   I dont see +/- 1 helping here with how much a ships perfomance changes over its tier.  It looks like grinding the higher tiers will be painful to get to useful packages.  Yes, stock ships will always be at a disadvantage.  But the current gap is too much.  The clemson goes from a tugboat to a bad ass gun boat in short order.   If there were expanded packages, modules and equipment options in those coarse tiers, I think that would help.  But those have already been dumbed down.  


Thank you very much for the chance to play and give feedback.   Best of luck with future updates!!!




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