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USS Baltimore class Heavy Cruiser

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Would you like to be a commander of a heavy cruiser class lead ship? 

There are quite a few historical details which make Baltimore a legendary ship. First of all the Baltimore class was the largest class of heavy cruisers ever built. 


She was developed from the USS Wichita - a unique heavy cruiser class. Her design was no longer limited by the London Naval Treaty. The Baltimore designers used wartime experience to greatly upgrade the ship. They gave her greater dimensions, reinforced the armor deck and improved her suitability. 

The main battery consisted of nine 8-in guns placed into three triple turrets. 


In Aug 1944 she ferried President Franklin Roosevelt from the US to Hawaii for a meeting with Admiral Nimitz and General MacArthur. 

Baltimore entered service late in 1943 and was bestowed with nine battle stars for her service in the Pacific by the end of WWII. 

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