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Special Type Destroyer

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By 1930s the Akatsuki class ships were considered to be the most powerful destroyers in the world. These Special Type destroyers were designed based on the Fubuki class and had enough differences to be given a new class name. Their distinctive feature was a thin forward funnel.


The lead ship of the Akatsuki class was commissioned in 1932. She was assigned for the invasion of Malaya, the Dutch East Indies, and the Philippines. Akatsuki took part in numerous "Tokyo Express" missions, delivering personnel, supplies, and equipment to Japanese forces during the Pacific campaign of WWII.


In 1941 Akatsuki was involved in the First Naval Battle of Guadalcanal and sunk on November 13th.

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4 hours ago, RuefulCenturion said:

Disclaimer: The Akatsuki is a Tier VI, not a Tier VII. 

thanks for noticing. Will be adjusted soon

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In World of Warships it is a Tier 7 destroyer. In Wows Legends it is a Tier 6 Destroyer


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