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Answers about the beta weekend!

Guys, who have registered for the beta weekend, this post is to clarify what the next steps are! 1. When? The weekend will begin on Friday, December 21 and last until Sunday, December 23. 2. How do I know that I'm in? If you receive a follow-up e-mail with a code that's a good indication! The mailouts will happen no earlier than 2 days before the weekend. Redeem said code in your platform store, download the game and join the fun!  3. What if I don't receive anything? You might not get access, but you will still get your goodies when the game is released! Moreover, this isn't the only beta-weekend we plan on having. 4. Do I retain access to the game after the beta weekend if I registered recently?  Unfortunately, no. We want as many people to join the fun and tell us what they think, but there is still much work to be done before we release, so we hope for your understanding. Hope this helps. Turn the tide!

The Beta weekend cometh!

Calling all Legends! Prepare for some naval shenanigans by signing up to participate in World of Warships: Legends' first Closed Beta weekend! Just head to to sign up for a chance to try out the game on December 21-23, and to receive special rewards when the game is released in 2019. Sign up today and turn the tide! Check out the trailer: 

A Ship in Disguise

How do you like Chikuma with this bright pattern? In naval camouflage, the object to be disguised is almost never static as well as its background. This makes the task of spotting the ship significantly more challenging.  Did you hear about the so-called “dazzle camouflage” invented by the British marine artist N. Wilkinson?