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  1. FlatCapnWhippet

    Best theme song to go to battle with?

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-reAahY1GCE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wTup5mT4O-Q
  2. Really wish you'd drop the obsession with the the PC version. You don't know what is coming or from where.
  3. Not interested in PC side. We are her to test console version. If/when we get them. Then is the time to get your knickers in a twist
  4. FlatCapnWhippet

    Unofficial Closed beta poll

    Nor should they. Not to the extent some of you want. Let them make the game, help test what they need us to test. Help them tweak, meddle and experiment. But dont expect them to change fundamental ideas from their vision of what they want to bring to us, which are set in stone(they have to be). After we are done testing. Then you become a consumer and make the choice.
  5. FlatCapnWhippet

    (Un)friendly fire

    Positive sides to both arguments, nice discussion. Ultimately it comes down to the fact that having FF on would be great, in a perfect world where we all ptfo. Sadly we dont, having FF on is too great a risk, it makes trolls lives much easier and the detrimental effect it would have far outweighs the good.
  6. FlatCapnWhippet

    [EN] General Discussion

    On PS4 press square, move to the stats option. Not sure on xbox equivalent, but you can do the same.
  7. FlatCapnWhippet

    What got you into Wows?

    Grew up with a WWII nut as a father. Built models watched films and visited ships/museums. Saw a WoWS PC vid, wanted to play. Been waiting for it since.
  8. FlatCapnWhippet

    Two questions for all of you

    1. pong on some early 80s contraption, that had a light gun and two controllers you turned. 2. A star trek combat game, armada maybe on Mplayer?
  9. FlatCapnWhippet

    Say hello to the community!

    Reporting for duty. Longtime WoT player going back to RU PC beta. Former PS4 WoT super tester. WWII gaming nut. I'll be the canteen boat