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  1. KanonFyodor

    Friendly Fire and WoWS Legends

    Regardless of the method used to curtail or punish those who TK it still ruins the match for everyone else. No player is punished immediately as accidents do happen, so it may be multiple matches and dozens of players who have their game ruined before anything can be done. I do not want any of my games ruined while waiting for the TK system to kick in, especially if I have paid real money for premium time or whatever. I don't care a whit if avoiding friendly fire ought to be in a player's skill set. WoWSB does it right and I enjoy it. The punishment there is simply a wasted shot and a forced reload. Realism? In WoWSL? Pish-posh.
  2. KanonFyodor

    Wouldn't have been easier just to port the PC version of warships?

    I assume Wargaming and their contacted studios would do whatever is cheapest. For whatever reason, ground-up was cheaper. I don't know the reason, but I'm sure they wouldn't go to all this trouble if a port was as simple as it sounds.
  3. KanonFyodor

    World of Warships General Poll Pt 2

    Subs, nah. I don't feel like they really fit the game altogether . Furthermore I can't see a sub tech tree with Tier 2-10, there just isn't enough differentiation between classes.
  4. KanonFyodor

    Where you from and what platform

    I'm comin' to you live from Zebulon, North Cackalacky, USA, and I play on the PS4.
  5. Honestly I'd like to see all nations BB tree start at Tier 2 with a pre-dreadnought or semi-dreadnought like Mikasa. Lord Nelson class, Danton class, Mississippi class, etc.
  6. I would like to be a tester but I never formally requested such. Is there an official sign-up or form somewhere that I missed? I am on Discord and registered here under my PSN.
  7. KanonFyodor


    Veteran of Savo Island. She sank the the USS Quincy, 2.5x her displacement, with torpedoes.
  8. KanonFyodor

    Breaking the waves

    I think there may be another reason entirely for capping at tier 7. WoTC has been somewhat less than a stellar success, not a failure by any means, but population is down and signs are that income is, too. A low enough threshold that larger actions were required to reduce cost: Wargaming US was closed earlier this year, severs have been merged, signs that indicate that WG's goals for WoTC were not maintained. I am sure that WoTC made money, and I'm sure it still does, but clearly the initial outlay of capital didn't pay off the way they had hoped. Bearing that in mind, it makes sense that WG would be more realistic about another console port. Reducing the tiers substantially reduces the development cost and may help to address causes for console population drop at the same time by reducing the grind, wait times, and improving MM.
  9. KanonFyodor

    Best theme song to go to battle with?

    Oh yeah, baby.
  10. KanonFyodor

    Two questions for all of you

    1) Either Asteroid or Space Invaders on a standup arcade machine at my local Safeway. I think it was Space Invaders. 2) Medal of Honor: Spearhead
  11. KanonFyodor

    Say hello to the community!

    Very excited to see WoWS come to console. I have been hoping for the day since WoT went to console that some day, far in the future, WoWS would do the same. I just found WoWS Blitz and I hoped that meant console wouldn't be far behind. WoWS Blitz is very good, I found WoWS altogether much more rewarding and less greedy than WoT, plus I'm a navy man at heart.
  12. KanonFyodor

    Chesapeake Raider

    USS Enterprise: The Big E USS Lexington: Lady Lex, The Gray Lady USS Saratoga: Stripe-Stacked Sara USS Houston: Galloping Ghost of the Java Coast
  13. Is it too late to sing up, I just downloaded WoWS Blitz two days ago and just found out about the console version today. I have a wargaming account under the same name, WOT Blitz and WotPS4 player. Nevermind, I was more excited than smart and just saw the post above....
  14. KanonFyodor

    WoT console community sign in here

    Hello everyone. I started with WoT Blitz ages ago, got around 4000 or 4500 battles and switched to WoT PS4 one day one. Ironically I just downloaded WoWS Blitz two days ago and I am loving it. The whole game system is much more rewarding than WoT, less stingy I guess. Anyway it's making for a much more rewarding experience. It won't make the later tiers any easier but the game seems less mercenary, if you'll pardon the pun. I can't wait to sign up on my PS4!