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  1. Peppa Chan

    Supertest mailout

    Happy April Fool's Day!!!
  2. Peppa Chan

    Haven't gotten Alpha Code

    Oh so... 😛
  3. Peppa Chan

    Haven't gotten Alpha Code

    Regularly log in to the Forum and Discord, where they will be announced when there is another selection of testers
  4. Peppa Chan

    Haven't gotten Alpha Code

    Messages like this are not exclusive to the Alpha tester, it is a global message that shows how we are doing in the tests, so if you get messages like this, they are like "updates" of progress.
  5. Peppa Chan

    PS4 Alpha Test key

    Hello my dear fellow, as I understand (Translator), you want a key to the alpha. So far, they haven't announced anything about Alfa Tester on PS4, but I think they will soon. If you want more help in your language, I think my partner @dieWildkatze can help you.
  6. Your forum name is your nickname in the game (well, if you did the registration right).
  7. Peppa Chan

    Alpha Test

    Registration for new Alpha has been closed, at the moment there is no exact date for new registrations. But don't be discouraged, there will soon be new registrations, follow the Facebook page, the Discord and Twitter to find out all the news.
  8. Peppa Chan

    Email said to contact Philigula or radarx for my code

    Send a message to @Philigula or @RadarX they will give you the necessary privileges.
  9. Even if you don't need it, it is recommended to use it, we always talk about what we are doing and if there is a problem we report it for repair.
  10. Peppa Chan

    Email said to contact Philigula or radarx for my code

    Use the official Discord, so they can take care of it.
  11. Peppa Chan

    Wouldn't have been easier just to port the PC version of warships?

    Yes and no, by saying that the game is being made from scratch, we are implementing things that are not in WoWsPC, redesigning configurations, new maps, new mechanics, etc.. Some models of boats are passed from PC to Legends, i.e. models of certain things. We are not making a copy and paste, we are creating together the best naval game of consoles.
  12. If you have been chosen to be an Alpha Tester, please log in to WoWsL's official Discord for proper privileges. You can mention Philly, he's in charge of that.
  13. Peppa Chan

    Two questions for all of you

    The first game I remember was the Donkey King Kong on the Nintendo 64 and as I was very young and my parents didn't want to buy me a Nes 64, I was always at my cousin's house. The first online game I think was Deepolis, when I was a kid I liked everything related to naval, boats and stuff and just like DKK, it was my cousin who taught me how to play hahahahahaha online, I remember staying up late at night talking to other people from around the world!
  14. As I recall, the tests until new registrations are approximately 2-3 months. "see the FAQs"
  15. Peppa Chan

    Can we still sign up as a Ps4 alpha tester?

    As my friend @BrogueOne said, the registrations for alpha tester have been closed, for the moment there is no exact announcement of when there will be another chance to enter but read the Forums and the Discord to know when there will be another chance.