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  1. delp5117

    The Beta weekend cometh!

    Warships PC is 12v12.
  2. delp5117

    The NO Boat

    This is the detailed overview... I'll keep looking for the other video.
  3. delp5117

    The NO Boat

    Zig zagging helps a lot, actually. You might get an angle for an autobounce (there is a fun iChase video where he shows a Yamato bouncing a Tier 3 cruiser that way in a training room) and it is generally harder to get citadel hits though the long axis of the ship, too.
  4. delp5117

    The NO Boat

    Cruiser citadels are generally big and not well protected. Staying at greater range can help, but still not foolproof!
  5. delp5117

    The NO Boat

    That's where continually changing speed and direction come into play in cruisers - especially when you are in open water. Beyond that, use of distance (beyond detection range), teammates, and/or terrain to break contact with enemy ships is necessary at times, so you can re-position in a less exposed spot. That said, playing cruisers is not a relaxing experience, but for me the challenge is really fun! You are essentially food for BB's and other cruisers if you are not aware of your surroundings and diligent about avoiding sailing in straight lines at constant speeds.
  6. delp5117

    The NO Boat

    Omaha is a terror to BB's and DD's if you play her to her strengths.
  7. delp5117

    Two questions for all of you

    1) My brother and I had a standalone pong game that attached directly to the TV. Please don't ask me what year that was. 2) Early version of Magic the Gathering on PC?
  8. delp5117

    What a dreadnought could do

    I'm pretty sure that the devs have said that both signal flags and captain skills will be part of the implementation. These additions really help you fine tune your ship to your play style on PC and add a lot of depth to the game.
  9. delp5117

    What about Kitakami?

    Kitakami was taken out for balance and enjoyment reasons. However, the PC version does have the Asashio, which has 20km deep water torps that are only effective against BB's and CV's. Might see that, instead, to satisfy torpedo spammers.
  10. delp5117

    What a dreadnought could do

    USN dreadnoughts - good guns and workable armor, but slow as molasses in January...
  11. delp5117

    Where you from and what platform

    I live near Boise, ID. I try to employ skills and tactics to avoid being automatically classified as a potato or other root vegetable. 🥔 I am WG's target consumer, as I started on XBOX 360 tanks 4 years or so ago and have played PC tanks, ships and planes since. I guess I am coming full circle playing ships on XBOX One.
  12. delp5117

    Intro FAQ

    It's not a bad point to make. One other thing that AA fire does is to protect your ship (and your team) against being detected by enemy spotter planes. As long as spotters are offered in the initial launch, AA would come into play to some degree.
  13. delp5117

    Intro FAQ

    1) You can change the AA capabilities of ships by modifying captain skills or modules - it would be simple to offer a free captain skill re-spec when carriers are launched. 2) Rather than modify a premium ship like the Hood, the simple answer would be to wait to release it until carriers are released.
  14. delp5117

    Legends on the WoWs anniversary stream

    Thanks! I've always enjoyed the differences between the PC and console version of tanks and the fact that I am pretty decent at both versions. Being able to use XBOX parties to communicate just generally makes playing in groups easier on console, which is why I think a lot of my older friends (I am admittedly also pretty old) didn't jump over to PC to play WoWs. I'm looking forward to actually getting a chance to play in an early version of a WG title and showing my clan mates the ropes!
  15. delp5117

    Alpha and Beta

    I guess I will be following that, as well!