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  1. dcr66

    Beta weekend FAQ

    Never quite clear to me although I registered again just in case... Will current Alpha Testers get automatic access to Beta Weekend?
  2. dcr66

    The Beta weekend cometh!

    I clicked the button again anyway. Nothing to loose
  3. When the Xbox codes went out, they went out over DAYS!!!! Patient young padawans.
  4. dcr66

    WoWS Blitz on cellphones now

    The need of data is what make the blitz line not interested for me. I can play in the subway ride when there is no service. A lot of free WiFi these days block some of these gaming servers, even lower end games like Angry Birds 2 and Angry Birds Evolution cannot access servers on the local big franchise coffee shops. Do I want to use photo data for that? No. Play on work wifi, that is risky. Once I get home I can go play on my PC or Xbox.
  5. dcr66

    It's cold out there

  6. dcr66

    Two questions for all of you

    Serious video game..... Wizardy: Proving grounds of mad overload. On Apple II+ back in 1983. Online game. DOOM in the early 90s, we killed the university engineering department network few times doing it on couple of PC running on 386DX2-50mhz I think. Around that time also the original Dukem-Nukem. I have to arrange with a friend to play late nights. Tell everybody at home to stay away from the phone. Then use the dialup modem to connect with him. Voice communication not possible.
  7. Try punching the code in XBL store.
  8. Since you are showing up as Alpha Tester, you should ask the mod in a PM. Did you check the PM?
  9. dcr66

    WOW-PC Help

    Atago!!! When I see one in game, load AP rounds and get some citadels. The only one that I may consider getting if the price is right: Kutuzov. Why that thing? Kutuzov has fast firing guns and smoke screen. But then I have few of those garden hoses with smoke screen already, it has to be deep discount before I will consider.
  10. dcr66

    WOW-PC Help

    For my Shimakaze I left torpedo at stock package . My captain has Torpedo Acceleration which gives +5 knots but -20% in range. I have 16km range at 67 knots. Easier to play, just flood the area with torps and run.
  11. dcr66

    Pimp that torpedo boat!

    Never play WoWS Blitz, do you have a link to show how the research looks like?
  12. dcr66

    WOW-PC Help

    The stock Shimakaze has 20km. The upgrades will give you better speed but shorter ranges. I think I have mine at 16km thru captain skills and some other stuff. I can look later at home to see what I exactly have.
  13. My code came from a PM in this forum.
  14. dcr66

    Pimp that torpedo boat!

    Maybe we can have 2 options. Default to the simple mode: linear 1 line research. Or the advanced mode that works the same as WoWS PC that requires you to set in in the Settings screen. Us WG gurus can have our fun in the advanced modes and the noobs can go with simple mode as a starter. WoTC packages got better over time. It is the mid tiers that needs those special combo in package. Eg. Top armor, turret, engine but I want that fast firing pea shooter..... For us who started back in Xbox360 in Feb 2014 we have gone beyond those tanks by the time they have them.
  15. dcr66

    Pimp that torpedo boat!

    However they choose to present it is one thing but we should be presented the quickest path to the next tier. Anything else not mandatory should be optional. The current layout looks like you are forced to get everything before you can move on. Also you cannot use certain equipment until you unlock it by XP??? I am not sure what type of players WG is thinking in the console crowd. WoTC players along with some WoWS PC players who have consoles is what I am thinking. The rest of the randoms won't last long once they get bogged down in the grinds, tactics, etc typical of WG games. Even the package system of WoTC allows you to do that, you are not forced to upgrade everything before going to the next tank although grinding out certain things in the current tier first could save you some hassle later.