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  1. Assuming they arrive balanced CV’s will be a great boost to interest in the game when they do arrive. Do you think they’ll start from teir 3? You guys have mentioned PC a lot (for good reason) but I’m wondering if it will be as easy to sneak up on a CV in a DD as it is in Blitz given the close starting positions... Looking forward to sinking them
  2. NoZephyr

    First Beta Weekend in Numbers

    Like that piece of art 👍
  3. NoZephyr

    Unofficial Closed beta poll

    Yeah. As long as all the PC ships come to Console that's what matters really. Maybe we'll get 11 tiers 😮
  4. NoZephyr

    Unofficial Closed beta poll

    I'm surprised respondents generally do like the progression system but not there being only 7 tiers. I wonder if it's phycological that 10 out of 10 is the best...?
  5. NoZephyr

    The Beta Weekend Stream

    Oh man that's 6am on Sunday for me. Will it be uploaded to YouTube etc for people to watch later?
  6. NoZephyr

    Unofficial closed beta feedback thread

    I love games but wouldn’t want to make them. You work hard for years and ‘fans’ give you such a hard time. I’m trying to thank delelopers more when they create something I like, so it’s not just complaints they’re hearing but praise too.
  7. NoZephyr


    Do we know if the NDA comes back down post Beta Weekend? Presumably there will more updates being tested before another beta period.
  8. Agree with just about everything from the OP 👍 Will mention that ships have a fair amount of inertia so can take a while to get moving and even more time to stop and reverse if already moving.
  9. NoZephyr

    [EN] General Discussion

    I’ll take ‘em as they come.
  10. NoZephyr

    The Beta weekend cometh!

    I’ve been seeing new names but would have liked to see more. Might just be my time zone and will be different tonight when more of Europe login.
  11. NoZephyr

    The Beta weekend cometh!

    #PS4RULES 🤘
  12. NoZephyr

    [EN] General Discussion

    I feel a bit the same at the moment. I’m really hanging out for some Commonwealth / Australian ships. But figure the devs are focusing on the gameplay first which is a good thing as it’s pretty great already. Plus they’ll need post launch content.
  13. NoZephyr

    The Beta weekend cometh!

    That’s what I was going to say. You stole my line @Ruthless4u But yeah, there’s too many potential players in PS4 to be ignored.
  14. NoZephyr

    Commanders in Legends

    Looking forward to spending more time with these commanders. Think I’m going to like this system and particularly like the injection of history. You’ll find me on their Wikipedia pages for sure.
  15. NoZephyr

    [EN] General Discussion

    They did and I used it all the time. But yeah they shut it down. Only so many resources to go around I guess. Just for fun I’d love a WoWSL companion iPad app that showed reload counters, cool downs, etc in a period themed collection of dials and guages.