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  1. ExcelTheXeno

    World of Warships Legends general poll part 3

    I like how 16 people wanted a premium ship...Although I can't blame them because I do as well
  2. ExcelTheXeno

    Supertest mailout

    Ok, thanks. So, there is only the alpha for consoles. Alright
  3. ExcelTheXeno

    Supertest mailout

    Wait, so basically the alpha for consoles is the ST or you guys already did it before the alpha?
  4. ExcelTheXeno

    Second distribution of PS4 codes (US+CA+MX)

    Hey I was wondering how do I add signatures to myself? I found out..lol
  5. ExcelTheXeno

    Second distribution of PS4 codes (US+CA+MX)

    Dang, it's already Alpha Time.