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  1. ApachecNative

    Introducing the team

    They got to many at once so they are working with a small group at a time. Til they decide who they want and will keep they posted they will pick more later in few weeks and that ps4 players will also be a later date.Be sure to check out the discord if you haven't already. The link button is at the top of page next to the bell.
  2. ApachecNative

    Introducing the team

    Welcome and don't worry if you didn't get in there will be more pick at a later date.
  3. ApachecNative

    Your opinion on maxing out tiers @7

    This is not console Tanks,Wot Blitz,Warship Blitz, or PC WoW it's entirely new game from scratch key word is legends as in selective ships.
  4. ApachecNative

    Introducing the team

    WotC has nothing to do with this team. They have their own team and are not new to WG.
  5. ApachecNative

    Introducing the team

    world of warships "legends" is not world of warships it's starting from scratch
  6. ApachecNative

    More introductions!

    So does Xbox but when they say borrowing they don't mean the controls lol .Wargaming console uses controllers only
  7. ApachecNative

    Introducing the team

    Thank you for the info Phil's Good luck with everything
  8. ApachecNative

    Intro FAQ

    Hello welcome to the crowd
  9. ApachecNative

    Say hello to the community!

    Welcome I see you join the rest of us
  10. ApachecNative

    Say hello to the community!

    Hello starting the count down counter lol.
  11. ApachecNative

    Intro FAQ

    Since were all new to the forums will there be a testers only forum.So we don't post info in public as this forum site will take some getting used to.
  12. They're not the only ones making the switch
  13. ApachecNative

    Intro FAQ

    If you are pick to be a tester after they go over your survey you file out on sign up.You can play the test version of the game when they are ready for us look for email from them when they are ready.But what you see and learn in test can not be posted or talk about to the public.
  14. ApachecNative

    Intro FAQ

    One can only hope I knew you find me i'm everywhere lol
  15. ApachecNative

    Intro FAQ

    Congratulations making the move over to console now we need world of warplanes to make same move lol. Looking fwd to playing/testing this out and hope to get into a battle with WG own TragicLoss at some point.