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  1. Ruthless4u

    WoT console community sign in here

    There is no set launch day yet.
  2. Ruthless4u

    Thoughts for the open beta testers

    Another thing I think I should bring up. No one ship class is invincible. They each have a counter. This is from my experience as a PC player. DD's generally counter Battleships Cruisers generally counter DD's Battleships counter Cruisers. This is of course in general terms, and their are exceptions to this as some ships don't always fit very well into a classes historical definition. One of the most important aspects is consumable management, knowing when and to to use the correct consumable at the right time can make all the difference. There are some PC YouTube vids that can act as a general guide, if I get time I will post a few or maybe some others can.
  3. Ruthless4u

    The Beta weekend cometh!

    Well I doubt we will get much if anything ahead of PC, if it's like WOTC then they will be dependent on code coming from PC first, a good possible example is the carriers which will not be added until after the PC rework. c
  4. Ruthless4u

    Thoughts for the open beta testers

    No worries, most of it was copy paste using my phone so it's not entirely my fault lol. But now when we club seals they can't say no one posted anything usefull. I can sink them with a clear conscience and even a bigger smile.
  5. Ruthless4u

    Thoughts for the open beta testers

    Dang this looks horrid, can some repost it and fix lol. sorry guys
  6. Ruthless4u

    Thoughts for the open beta testers

    Just thought I would copy paste a couple things that may be relevant from the PC version. A few general terms you will see in guides and gameplay tips. kitting,angling,knowing the limitatons of your AP and HE,learning when to switch ammo. kitting is not that hard if you use a agile ship,you show the stern(the rear of the ship) to the enemy,giving him a smaller target to shoot than broadside,your moment to shoot is when he is reloading,so you can angle the ship to use all guns,after he is done reloading he will fire again,go stern mode again and repeat. angling is well know to wot players,increasing your armor by angling it. some AP shells are fragile(italian cruisers) while others are pretty good(german cruiser),the knowledge of your ammo can save you from shattering your shells or saving them for the right time(when the enemy goes broadside to flee or to shoot).  sometimes shoting AP isn't enough,you will have to switch ammo,HE is a good choice because it ignores armor but it deals less damage,some ships relies on fire,while others like boise and ndj can stack up damage with HE because they have high number of guns. try to learn where the enemy citadel is located,hitting it allows your shell to deliver full damage(if your AP maximum damage is 10k,the citadel hit will drain 10k of the enemy hp). ships have ammoracks too,just like tanks. Don't sail in straight lines for long periods of time, it makes you an easy target for both torpedoes and being citadeled. Remember Mr torpedo is my friend not yours. A viable tactic that will be used against you is players will start a fire on your ship, wait for you to put it out then hit you with torps to cause flooding damage while you wait on the repair cooldown. Don't with your guns blazing, it doesn't work. But I will have fun sinking you when you do. Try not to get isolated from teamates, a lone ship is a dead ship. This is especially true for battleships. Just some non NDA violating tips, some from P.C version some my own from playing PC. Apologies for the font, most of its a copy paste using my crappy phone. Now I can club you guys without feeling bad, seeing I helped with tips. Anyone have anything to add please do as long as it don't violate NDA.
  7. Ruthless4u

    The Beta weekend cometh!

    @T33kanne Do we know how many closed beta weekends are planned? With the first One on a weekend before a major holiday I'm sure it messes with players availability to be on.
  8. Ruthless4u

    Dec 7th 1941

    While we are playing ships or other games today, please take a moment to remember the sailors that lost their lives
  9. Ruthless4u

    A Ship in Disguise

    I'll be honest, never been a big fan of green on ships. To me it just does not look right.
  10. I don't remember them stating everyone who applied to the alpha would get in. I know more than a few who wanted in but didn't get in. I seriously doubt you have been forgotten, but generally speaking closed alpha's keep numbers low in my experience. Maybe @T33kanne or @Calypso can help with this.
  11. Ruthless4u

    has the UI been finalised?

    I don't have the link handy, but there was a dev stream that showed a lot of the game footage including some of the UI. As far as finished only a dev can answer that and I doubt they will while its in alpha.
  12. Ruthless4u

    Happy Thanksgiving

    To all those who celebrate it, have a safe and happy thanksgiving
  13. Ruthless4u

    Question for the Alpha testers

    @T33kanne Or @Calypso Can we elaborate on this question, seems borderlineish
  14. Ruthless4u

    Admiral Fletcher’s Flagship

    Keep in mind not everything in all trees will be available at launch, the studio making legends is completely different than the one that made WOTC, and per the FAQ We are at 7 tiers.
  15. To all those who served and continue to serve, simply saying thank you will never be enough. Lest we forget.