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  1. Squibeel

    Premium time

    What the guy above me said.
  2. Squibeel

    Merry Christmas everyone

    Merry Xmas for you too m8.
  3. Squibeel

    Beta weekend FAQ

    It's an educated guess, not only taking from past examples but also because the focus up until now seems to be gameplay. Graphics are secondary and to be fair they are ok as is so they don't need to worry about it atm.
  4. You're coming kinda late to the party aren't you? 3h or so left for it to close.
  5. It's not really punishing. He declared he has no interested in this kind of beta "plan" that doesn't retain anything post release so it's only right to remove him from the pool since he doesn't want to participate right? He has declared he doesn't want to, it's not punishing but abiding to one's wishes.
  6. @T33kanne is there a way to reward @electronaut1976 for his awesome behavior and take him out of the future beta pools?
  7. Squibeel

    Beta weekend FAQ

    While I was there I don't think they did. I got the idea it was going to be 1 weekend beta and super-testing till full release. I was trying to stream snipe them - got them on my team twice but never on the other side :sadface:
  8. Squibeel

    Beta weekend FAQ

    During the stream they did say at least 1 more beta weekend around February.
  9. Squibeel


    You conveyed what you were feeling perfectly even if your english is not the best but I wouldn't call it horrible either.
  10. Squibeel

    Initial first thoughts

    They could just try the WoTC model eventually right?
  11. Squibeel

    Community Discord

  12. The intention of a beta test isn't to get an "early start" into a game but to help shape the game. You have the oportunity most people, their intentions aside, are crying out to have in the forum so you took that place from them and are quitting? And remember, by not helping shape the game when you have that chance you have really no right to complain if you don't like something later.
  13. Squibeel

    The Beta Weekend Stream

    They have been switching up between 3 and 4 but even if you play 3 you might still catch them at 4.
  14. Squibeel

    Game Videos or Photos

    Wouldn't it have been fair game in the Game Discussion section tho?
  15. Squibeel

    The Beta Weekend Stream

    Can't wait to sink some devs =p Shame I can't stream anything with the Xbox Mixer yet... any updated on that?