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  1. Bricemkk

    A new Captain has joined the Team

    Only works on the TOG!
  2. Bricemkk

    A new Captain has joined the Team

    God knows the WOT console community managers don't know how to play
  3. I assume PS4 invites will be happening in the following weeks?
  4. I know a good group of my PS4 WOT console clan. Our Darkest Hour [ODH]. Applied for alpha. So, we will definitely be running platoons/divisions/fleet of ships.
  5. Bricemkk

    WOWSL Statistics Page

    I surely hope so. I gotta be an unicum purple whalelord.
  6. Bricemkk

    Tune suggestions

    Matey, you never can go wrong with an hour long play list like this!
  7. Bricemkk

    Community Contributors

    I always post my great games to YouTube. Not so much for reviews or help videos because all you gotta do is watch to learn from a great player. Now, I might not be a great WOW console player only time will tell. But subscribe and when videos are allowed to be posted of WoW, probably with the BETA, I'll be sharing gameplay footage.
  8. Bricemkk

    Where you from and what platform

    The United States of America!! Also playing on the best console (PS4)
  9. Bricemkk

    WoT console community sign in here

    What's WoT console ? Oh is that game still around ? What a failure there.
  10. Bricemkk

    Tune suggestions

    Thee only tune to sign when your out on the high see. Blimey, this tune is for a lively party! Me Mateys love this classic!
  11. Bricemkk


    Blimey! Never heard of thee. Come to test the waters of console, I see. I wish you luck. The sea is angry and flows red.
  12. Bricemkk

    System Sound Off

    Ahoy Matey! PS4 Old Salt here. Let's get all hands on deck and set sail into the sun raise.
  13. Bricemkk

    Introducing the team

    All hands on deck. Batten down them hatches. Man the crows nest. Sail into the eye of testing storm!
  14. Bricemkk

    The Wishlist

    Competitive Game Play and some emphasis on clans. Let's get the team work and strategies started right off the bat.
  15. Bricemkk

    Say hello to the community!

    Blimey! Son of a biscuit eater!