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  1. Alpha_Jackson

    Battleship or Battlecruiser

    Can we just take a second to appreciate that beautiful photo of the beautiful Kongo?
  2. Alpha_Jackson

    Legends and you

    Thanks man, I'll have a read of it now!
  3. Alpha_Jackson

    Legends and you

    So wait, are tehy reworking carriers on PC to keep it similar for the console version? Or are they just reworking them for convenience / balance?
  4. Alpha_Jackson

    Furutaka goes first

    I'll have to consider picking it up then. Since I'm toatally biased towards the Fuso (being my favriote ship ever) any chance to play Fuso without playing Fuso I'll take 😉
  5. Alpha_Jackson

    Furutaka goes first

    That ship looks like a baby Fuso!
  6. Alpha_Jackson

    WoWs Legends general poll pt 1

    @huffdaddy2-6 Yes, you do make a good point. I think however, that there is alimitnon how far you cam go with fictional / fantasy ships. I believe if it wasn't built, but was atleast pruposed with a model, or drawing of some sort. It should be fine to add. However, I don't believe a ship made entirely from the dev's design should be in the game, as it would have no historical grounding.
  7. Alpha_Jackson

    Two questions for all of you

    1. Would have to be Crash Bandicoot: Wrath of Cortex, I remember my Da' playing it on the ps2 when I was a kid, I wanted in on that action so I asked and he let me play, safe to say it would change my life, argueably for the better. 2. First online game I played? Ahh yes, Halo Reach. And by the gods was that one of the greatest experiences I ever had! I would be up 'till all hours of the night playing that game, once I got online tho, that was when I really began getting into game, as in making them my number 1 hobby!
  8. Alpha_Jackson

    What about Kitakami?

    Idk man, the kitakami could be nice as an exclusive for alpha testers or early beta testers maybe. If you just controlled the amount of them in the game, surely it couldn't be that bad.
  9. Alpha_Jackson

    World of Warships Legends general poll part 3

    Ye, like others said, While clans would be nice, the dev's should focus on patching the game up first, as opposed to focusing on the parts that aren't essential. As for the premium tho, hell ye! I'd love our own unique premium that nobody else has. That'd be great!
  10. Alpha_Jackson

    WoWs Legends general poll pt 1

    I want those juicy American Battelships, I'll be real with you chief!
  11. Alpha_Jackson

    The Hype Has Begun

    Personally I'm sat at Flying a space ship, but I', sure it'll only go up from here!
  12. Alpha_Jackson

    Where you from and what platform

    Good ol' Irish lad right here, hopin' to play on PS4. I'm beggin' god to get into the alpha testing too. XD