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  1. StockrA

    What about Kitakami?

    That's a lot of fish
  2. StockrA

    Premium ships

    Sent you a PM
  3. StockrA

    Premium ships

    Agree with Ruthless, don't think you should have posted that in this part of the forum. Mind you, someone's posted a sneak peek vid on the other forums, shows some tech tree and 1 battle, not sure if it's been posted on here.
  4. It closed months ago, was a link on the main page.
  5. Didn't get one, don't mind waiting until its out
  6. StockrA

    Playstation 4 status update

    Cheers for the update
  7. StockrA

    WOW-PC Help

    I hope they don't remove it before I have enough
  8. StockrA

    WOW-PC Help

    92,650 with the discount, shouldn't take that long I nearly got the aigle, but pointless as theres no dd on the french tt, seen that russian one in game last night, it looked meh!
  9. StockrA

    WOW-PC Help

    Ok got enough coal for any of those bottom for ships, just don't know what to pick, or keep going, I'm at 39,350.
  10. StockrA

    Would you like to be able to buy hourly premium time?

    That's what i said to him, you'd only need to buy it once, I said they should make it a bit cheaper
  11. StockrA

    Would you like to be able to buy hourly premium time?

    I think it should be changed, at the moment, it's way to expensive for what you get, extra xp & silver. Black friday was the only reason I bought a year on console, I think more people would buy it if it was that price all the time. My mate played tanks with me, or used to, but he wouldn't buy no more than 3 days a time, he thinks the clock should stop when you log out of the game.
  12. StockrA

    Alpha Test

    Think the mods should make an sticky, to explain how to sign up for testing and when, now that words getting about, starting to get a few of these topics now lol
  13. StockrA

    Two questions for all of you

    Can't, took mine to an arcade a few weeks ago, there was 3 racing game, a dance game, and shed loads of bandits, it was crap.
  14. StockrA

    Two questions for all of you

    Used to love going to the arcades back in the day, remeber the 1st time i seen Outrun and Space harrier
  15. StockrA

    Joining the alpha

    Keep an eye on the main page, or the news section of the forum