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  1. Not Cerberus

    Playstadion 4 Alpha Key

    Information about the PS4 Alpha hasn't been released yet other than news will be announced un August
  2. Not Cerberus

    How do you add a sig?

    Oh that sig is sexy
  3. Not Cerberus

    How do you add a sig?

    It's in Account Settings 🙂
  4. Not Cerberus

    How do you add a sig?

    We haven't Booped enough yet
  5. Not Cerberus

    Your opinion on maxing out tiers @7

    Indeed it is, but this thread was not about what the game is about, it was opinions.
  6. Not Cerberus

    Status update: start of code distribution

    Boop indeed! How small is small btw?
  7. Not Cerberus

    About to go boom...

    So I'm guessing only ships that actually existed will be included in Legends? Mo Mighty Montana?
  8. Not Cerberus

    how do i download the alpha on xbox?

    Bear in mind that even when the codes get sent out, people probably wont be able to publicly say they have them due to the NDA
  9. Not Cerberus

    Your opinion on maxing out tiers @7

    I'm not entirely convinced of the logic of maxing out at Tier 7 given that the Console release of Tanks had all ten tiers, as does Tanks Blitz and Warships Blitz. Just seems a bit of an odd design choice that doesnt fit well with the other releases.
  10. Not Cerberus

    Going big.

    My pants suddenly got tighter ❤️
  11. Not Cerberus

    Happy Treason day to my fellow filthy colonials

    Awww I was going to post the same thing 😞
  12. Not Cerberus

    Alpha status update

    Do we know roughly how many testers there will be versus the number of applicants?
  13. I'd probably take that with a pinch of salt lol
  14. Not Cerberus

    Intro FAQ

    Which ships are we expecting to make appearances?
  15. Just remember folks, Alpha Testing isn't just an excuse to play the game early...its for us to influence and test out the game as it develops prior to release. I really hope Wargaming will listen and consider the feedback they'll be given :) That said, I cannot wait to start delivering packages of freedom and democracy across the map 😁