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  1. I couldn't agree more. That's why I love doing alphas and betas. You get to do a small part in building a game and have fun in the process. o7
  2. As far as I know, the signups are closed and you'll have to wait until open beta to play
  3. acidfiend

    WoT console community sign in here

    WoT player since beta, WoTc community ambassador, and owner of World of Tanks HQ and World of Warships Legends HQ. I'm definitely looking forward to putting a ton of time into this game! I play on PC and I love it but honestly, I'd rather be playing it on my xbox.
  4. More codes to come on Monday from what I'm hearing.
  5. acidfiend

    Invite please

    I'm guessing that you don't get very many emails on a daily basis! Lol. My phone would be going off constantly
  6. acidfiend

    Camo filter

    I know there's none in the alpha. I'm talking about after the full release of the game.
  7. acidfiend

    Camo filter

    One thing I really love about the PC version of this game is having an option to turn the different camos off. I hope they add it to the console version. I bought a premium Graf Spee on PC and I didn't know it was an anime ship! Lol. The camo looked ok but the 8 skill commander had the most annoying voice. I was able to turn the filter on and it made the crew normal. What do you guys think?
  8. acidfiend

    Invite please

    Keep your fingers crossed! Lol. And check your emails often. That's what I've been doing. Good luck
  9. acidfiend

    Legends and you

    I really love the fact that the devs are trying to be open with alot of the stuff. That's one thing I'm not a fan of with WoT, they are pretty tight lipped about everything
  10. acidfiend

    Time to break the ice...

    I've gone through that little ice gateway on PC and it didn't end well for me! Lol. I played catch with a bunch of red torpedoes...
  11. Well, didn't get in on the first batch of codes. Fingers crossed for the second batch because I love doing alpha and beta tests.
  12. acidfiend

    Say hello to the community!

    Hey guys, I'm acidfiend. I'm a community ambassador for World of Tanks Console, owner of the Xbox club World of Tanks HQ, and just started a new club for this game if you guys are interested. Check out World of Warships Legend HQ. Hopefully it will grow like WoT HQ! 25K members and counting. I also play WoWs and WoT on pc