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  1. Neurotic Cell

    Love it

    This is what divisions are for. WoT is no different - the only team in WoT is the yellow one.
  2. Neurotic Cell


    Thanks. It sounds like the app would just update if kept, so I’ll hang on to it for the time being (it was a long download for me).
  3. Neurotic Cell


    Thanks for helping, Ruthless! I wasn’t sure who to address at WG on it!
  4. Neurotic Cell


    Thanks. I read that thread and some others, the impression being that you may be able to participate in more than one beta test, but it’s not guaranteed (somewhat like a lottery). What I’m specifically trying to get an answer on is whether the beta app I downloaded for this past weekend is what will be used in future with updates (rather than a completely new download). If not, I can save space by uninstalling it. If so, I can save download time by keeping it installed (in case I should be selected in future - I realize it is not a given).
  5. Neurotic Cell


    To clarify and hopefully get an answer, WoWSL Beta is a sizable app, storage-wise. I am trying to find out if future releases (Beta, Final) will be a new, separate download or not. If not, I’ll keep it installed, but if this app is not going to be used again, I can free up space. Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?
  6. Neurotic Cell


    So with Beta weekend ended, should I uninstall the WoWS Beta application? I guess what I’m asking is, will future Beta releases be a completely separate app or should I keep this one installed so it can update if I’m invited to another Beta event, likewise will the final release be separate app or will it update the current one? My guess is each is its own package but want to make sure before I uninstall it - it’s a big download!
  7. Neurotic Cell

    Merry Christmas, Legends!

    Merry Christmas all and glad I got to participate in the Beta weekend. Can’t wait to see how things develop!
  8. Neurotic Cell

    Initial first thoughts

    Adding to my original post, I think the tier compression will end up being a smart move. Given how contentious the MM is in WoTC, it makes sense to reduce the tier range available to MM in WoWSL.
  9. Neurotic Cell

    Initial first thoughts

    My rundown so far, bearing in mind I have no prior experience with WoWS in any form: Pros - aesthetically it looks great so far; gameplay is smooth (no hiccups or jitter); making things like PvP and commander access linked to experience level is a nice way to ease new players into the action; on the whole RNG doesn’t seem to be as influential as WoT (maybe I just haven’t noticed as much) and I like that there is no premium ammo. Contrary to others’ opinions, I like the mini map being top rather than bottom screen, since torpedoes and nearby obstacles need to be seen in the lower portion of the HUD. Cons - the torpedo aiming mechanics are not intuitive or perhaps feel clunky; it does feel like a farther view is needed to help situational awareness; small things could be improved, such as making the highlight box stand out more when over a given ship (right now it’s brighter white, like bold, but can get lost), providing more guided information on upgrades and slots, and some sort of descriptor/guide on the strengths/weaknesses of various classes. WoT is infamous for requiring players to find online sources to learn the game properly - there is no reason to continue the trend here. Those are my current thoughts as a total noob to Warships.
  10. Neurotic Cell

    Some of my thoughts and questions during Beta weekend..

    If you received a code in your email, redeem that code on your console store. If you didn’t receive a code, you have not been invited to test.
  11. Neurotic Cell

    Why are Legends the way they are?

    Screw you, Ruthless! Good to see you around a forum again.
  12. Neurotic Cell

    WoT console community sign in here

    Checking in!
  13. Neurotic Cell

    Beta weekend FAQ

    Really interested to see how it develops. I’ve been all about tanks and am seriously curious about how the warship gameplay goes.
  14. This is great news for me and my Xbone!