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  1. RuefulCenturion

    Special Type Destroyer

    Disclaimer: The Akatsuki is a Tier VI, not a Tier VII.
  2. RuefulCenturion

    The Beta weekend cometh!

    There will be another.
  3. Think I'll just keep calm and wait for them to continue balancing on PC before judging.
  4. RuefulCenturion

    PS4 update 1.06?

    Update: Apparently participants from the first closed beta will get access in the next beta. So keep an eye out for that.
  5. RuefulCenturion

    12G Download Today

    No, their codes will still work and they'll have authorization to play. They'll just release new codes for new testers.
  6. RuefulCenturion

    Her Majesty's Ships

    Wow, awesome!
  7. RuefulCenturion

    Her Majesty's Ships

    You might want to change the font color. Red is typically used for Wargaming moderation on forums, and they often frown on that.
  8. RuefulCenturion

    Beta Summary (Thoughts and Suggestions)

    Hey, Phil. Good to see you posting. Been keeping busy? I think it's fine if there's a grind(you have to make money somehow), you certainly want to feel an improvement in playing fully upgraded ships, but I feel the stock ship should at least feel competitive. I think you guys have mostly done that, and the matchmaking will certainly help. The Phoenix has been the only exception to me. It feels like such a downgrade from the St. Louis because you only get six guns, only 3 to aim at any one target. Cruisers are supposed to be damage-focused, support ships, and it seems harder to fulfill that role. The Phoenix will be easy to free xp at least, but I don't want that to be a habit at higher tiers with new nations, where it would get expensive or unbearable to play. Destroyers can fall back on spotting with their concealment and their torps are always dangerous. Battleships have big, hard-hitting guns. I also think many players want/will want more freedom to choose their own skills, mods, upgrades, consumables, etc. I do think the commander training is/will be more generous and forgiving to new players though. Training commanders in WoT has always been tedious and could be very daunting to new players. Especially when they had to grind tanks that lack the ability to damage higher tier tanks, or the mobility to get away and/or flank to attack weak spots. So yeah, this game is already more enjoyable and fun to play than WoT.
  9. RuefulCenturion

    Wiki Discussion Thread

    You also duplicated the description for "A Good Day's Work" under "Barely Out of Peril".
  10. RuefulCenturion

    Wiki Discussion Thread

    Got to let the potato player base know which class to use that commander on. 😉 Personally, concealment is a must-have on cruisers as well. Especially light cruisers.
  11. RuefulCenturion

    Wiki Discussion Thread

    Pretty nifty wiki, T33kanne. Don't consumables also vary by nation, not just tiers and ship class? Would also like to point out you listed the concealment skill as a must-have for destroyers, but only recommended for the base trait? Personally would put Barely Out of Peril as optional on battleships(at best) and not recommended on cruisers and destroyers. 😀
  12. RuefulCenturion

    Unofficial Closed beta poll

    Oh, what have you been blamed for?
  13. RuefulCenturion

    Unofficial Closed beta poll

    Yep, at least until carriers get added after PC rework?
  14. RuefulCenturion

    Unofficial Closed beta poll

    Upgrade progression. Tech tree progression sounds like what ship/s follow the other.
  15. RuefulCenturion

    Unofficial Closed beta poll

    I don't see the progression system changing any time soon, maybe they'd tweak it in the future if enough players wanted it? But who knows. WoWs premiums seem nowhere near as power creeped(crept?) as WoT as your gun caliber is always competitive and capable of doing damage. In WoT they will introduce lines and premiums that lower tier or PMM premiums really have no hope of penetrating, and HE on most calibers are a joke.