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  1. KaitoGhost

    Status update: start of code distribution

    For those of us who didn't get in on the first wave, is there a timetable for the next wave?
  2. KaitoGhost

    Your opinion on maxing out tiers @7

    But, my St. Louis. It all depends on which ships get cut, but right now I'm not optimistic about only having 7 tiers.
  3. KaitoGhost

    Unofficial Historical Bote Discussion Thread

    Even at tier 1, she'd be horribly underpowered.
  4. KaitoGhost

    WoT console community sign in here

  5. KaitoGhost

    Unofficial Historical Bote Discussion Thread

    The Regina Marina had some of the most beautiful ships afloat at the time. Roma, Cesare, d'Aosta. I love me some candy cane stripes.
  6. KaitoGhost

    Where you from and what platform

    Nebraska, and I'll more than likely be posting more than playing. Babies tend to take up most of your free time.
  7. KaitoGhost

    Friendly Fire and WoWS Legends

    It's there to make you put some thought into launching that torpedo spread, instead of just mindlessly spamming torp soup everywhere..
  8. KaitoGhost

    WoT console community sign in here

    Most of us who play shooty botes are on the NA server. You're looking at the EU server branch.
  9. KaitoGhost

    WoT console community sign in here

    I gave up on WoT Console almost a year and a half ago. Switched to WoWS on PC and haven't looked back. Not too sure I want to start all over yet, but I figure i should give this a go.
  10. KaitoGhost

    Does this have the same Dev team as WoT Console?

    Fantastic. In that case, I'm going to try signing up for the beta.
  11. Will the same people who run WoT Console run this? Is it a different Dev team, but the same management? Or will this be done by an entirely new team?