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  1. PietroMaximoff

    Account Migration from PC

    I think there is no possibility for it. But i hope someday we'll see cross play between consoles. That's enough for me and for game it self.
  2. PietroMaximoff

    Closed Beta Review by StarJewelian

    Good review. Thank you. I also agree your field of view advises. It will clearly be useful for everyone. This is what i say after begining of alpha. Sadly didnt see positive feedback except from @T33kanne
  3. PietroMaximoff

    [ART & Music] Legendary Soundtracks and Wallpapers!

    Good work, thank you. And please Artur is strong, my ears..
  4. PietroMaximoff

    Why are Legends the way they are?

    Sounds good.😉 Tell them to buy you couch. Doesnt this game work better from a couch? Sounds good again. Actually this is emotional topic than i told. I like my testing friends. And lastly thank you again.
  5. PietroMaximoff

    Why are Legends the way they are?

    First, thank you for Yamato part. I really understand and support the point. Secondly, you know what i’ll say about this. I think some of you sometimes hesitating to say, “we dont have enough people to do that.” Im one of the first alpha testers of this game, i know you well too. When you dont have enough crew for something to do that people suggest, you generally say things you don’t really want to mean, we reed like, “this is console, you dont need this here.” and this turns into old, “dont underestimate console players” discussions like some people did in this forum. Guys please, this is nearly 2019 and these are previous gaming generation discussions. People talked enough in ps2-3 and xbox30 era, let’s not discover console gaming experience for very begining. This year nearly a lot of game awards went to ps4 exclusives or console only games(like red dead). Im sure you know what’s going on around here actually. But let's talk about this deeply. You think you made right decision about fleet view, large materials, zoom options etc. But actually you put yourself instead of players and give desicion to where we should sit our houses. You can enter a xbox and ps4 community page on facebook or reddit and a quick search or asking question to see their gaming desk. Im sure a good portion of them ll show you that they’ll put their consoles just next behind their PC at the same desk. Some gamers have console and pc at the same time. If not, some of them set a gaming desk and chair for their console with a close gaming monitor too. So why do you choose players siting position at their houses or rooms instead of giving additional options to choose which one is fit for them or help their own game senses? I think true answer always been your technical difficulties. If so, say it. We can understand. Please believe me sometimes this so much better to hear this from you than like your writing above @Philigula. Sounds so odd to me. Because im sure in terms of wg terminology, “you don’t have enough data” for it. If you think you have data, it's probably invalid. Because you have already force people to sit several fleet away from the screen on the couch from begining. This is thing you’ll see a lot of similar suggestion in everywhere after closed and open beta more than now. I ll want and people ll want to see. You cant say, “this is console, you dont need this” forever. I know you were trying to your best to being clear and friendly with @T33kanne, @Calypso. But this part sounds no good. Sorry. Loves, thank you for reeding.
  6. PietroMaximoff

    Where you from and what platform

    Turkey and im on xbox. 😉
  7. There will be community stream today, you can see link at main page and there is a chance to get an alpha code.
  8. PietroMaximoff

    A new Captain has joined the Team

    Welcome to this beautiful team. I remember i was still playing wows pc and you were one my favourite streamers previous year, there werent so many people but we had fun at the begining. How could i know that i’ll quit pc wows and WG’ll announce a new title(this game) and you’ll be community manager for it. Life is interesting.. welcome again. 😉
  9. Hope you'll all join all at test phase 😉. Join discord please, it's working pretty good on mobile too.
  10. PietroMaximoff

    What's World Of Warships about?

    So.. there is not enough data for end poll result. But this not a democracy and this is my poll. I'll give final decision 😛 this game is about love
  11. Ps4 alpha phase is not open yet. Alpha is only for xbox at the moment. But I think it'll start begining of next month for ps4.
  12. PietroMaximoff

    What's World Of Warships about?

    Why are we here?
  13. PietroMaximoff

    Pimp that torpedo boat!

    Nice picture, I think some of you guys looking this picture but missing a point here. I tried most of WG games and this is one of the best progression system i have ever seen. There are some questions about WoWs Legends yes, but i think there is nothing wrong with this. Good job here.
  14. PietroMaximoff

    WoWs Legends general poll pt 1

    This poll is nice. Someone dont want paper ships being a part of game. It's interesting but understandable too.
  15. PietroMaximoff

    Alpha status update

    What did they think about game? Do you know something about it? 🙂