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  1. PietroMaximoff

    Pimp that torpedo boat!

    Nice picture, I think some of you guys looking this picture but missing a point here. I tried most of WG games and this is one of the best progression system i have ever seen. There are some questions about WoWs Legends yes, but i think there is nothing wrong with this. Good job here.
  2. PietroMaximoff

    WoWs Legends general poll pt 1

    This poll is nice. Someone dont want paper ships being a part of game. It's interesting but understandable too.
  3. PietroMaximoff

    Alpha status update

    What did they think about game? Do you know something about it? 🙂
  4. PietroMaximoff

    Your opinion on maxing out tiers @7

    I dont think so. Some unfun ships can be removed and this is not that bad and second xbox and ps4 has seperate servers(hope sony'll give permission for cross play one day) so this means playerbase can be small in the beginning. With less tiers matchmaking lives less problem then Pc base one.
  5. PietroMaximoff

    Alpha status update

    I dont know anyone, are you sure?
  6. PietroMaximoff

    premium time

    No they said, no premium transfer.
  7. PietroMaximoff

    Alpha status update

    There is no starting date yet. Hopefully we'll take more imformation next week. They said we'll take alpha codes in a couple weeks.
  8. PietroMaximoff

    WOWSL Statistics Page

    This game is going live 1 year later. So i think independent pages(https://wows-numbers.com/ and https://eu.warships.today/) has enough time to optimise their system for this. Other console shooters(like overwatch and r6) are using same static pages with their pc platform. So i hope this will be same for wows.
  9. PietroMaximoff

    Say hello to the community!

    Technical issues are important too. I hope it will not be 30 fps instead of 60. Actually event wows blitz is 1080p 60 fps, so legends cant be 30 fps. But some console devs thinks resolution is more important then fps and doing 4k30fps game.😄 pls dont.
  10. PietroMaximoff

    Introducing the team

    Thank you so much for this game. I believe it will be as well as pc version. I'm sure console community will be friendly. As o console shooter veteran(xbox one s player) it's very complicated to tell how things works on console. Sometimes we see a very nice PC to console ported game, everything looks fine, even mid-high tier graphic cards cant show game that well. But sometimes we see a opposite game and say that, "ooh how this PC game can look so bad on console, even it needs lower expectations then first game" So at this point, it's very important for us and other people, how this game looks right now. Some picture or a very short video can solve every issues for us. Thank you again.
  11. Thank you so much WG. Me and my friends were waiting for this game to xbox for many years. I cant believe my eyes, this happens right now. I have 5000 games on pc too. I wanted this game cross play with pc. Because i thought this help to increase player numbers on pc servers too. But this ok, i'm ready. Make this happen. lol. Edit: Maybe if it's not crossplay, you can do cross progression. I paid for so many ships before. It will be very good, if i use my premium ships, which i bought on pc too.(I broke my pc so i cant play on there right now) 😄