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  1. XEboi

    WoWS Blitz on cellphones now

    It's rather fun been playing it since it came out
  2. XEboi

    About to go boom...

    That looks nice
  3. XEboi

    Make New (Internet) Friends

    Xeboi ps4 Just put wows in a message then I know who you are
  4. XEboi

    Alpha status update

    I've got everything I can cross crossed
  5. XEboi

    Time to break the ice...

    That's nice 😀
  6. XEboi

    Unofficial Historical Bote Discussion Thread

    I love German pt boats, I've built about a 5 foot rc one it's epic I'm also abit of a bismarck fan for bigger stuff
  7. XEboi

    More introductions!

    Nice to meet you Looking forward to giving the game a go & seeing everyones hard work in action
  8. XEboi

    Where you from and what platform

    Norfolk in the UK & ps4
  9. XEboi

    Claiming it for the good boys

    Lmao at cattleship
  10. XEboi

    Claiming it for the good boys

    Arrrrr dogs My eyes!! Quick need to wash my eyes out with some cats Cats will rule the sea
  11. XEboi

    Introducing the team

    Hi guys nice to meet you Ben from the UK
  12. XEboi

    WoT console community sign in here

    Hello all Nice to plenty of us over here
  13. XEboi

    English Speaking Community

    How ya getting on guys
  14. XEboi

    Say hello to the community!

    Hi all Long time wotc player & play the wows blitz on my phone have been hoping wows would come to console I see some names here I know from wot console forum hello guys