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  1. Beta582

    Question for the Alpha testers

    I don't know if we can answer this questions directly but I can point you to the anniversary stream Wargaming did that includes a section for WoWSL gameplay to see a glimpse for yourself. Skip to 3:06:00 for the WoWSL section. I hope this helps answer your questions mate!
  2. Beta582

    Legends and you

    Please only discuss matters regarding the Alpha in the Alpha section of the forums. We are under an NDA and this is the public forum section.
  3. Beta582

    Best theme song to go to battle with?

    All of this right here. Rock, metal, and electro swing are the main genres I listen to. Also, the Battlefield 2142 theme is pretty much the same as the Battlefield 1942 theme, just slightly different instruments (not that I am complaining). Either way, still a darn good song.
  4. *Gasp* I trusted you Ruthless! How could you betray me like this! Does this call for a patented "Screw you Ruthless"?
  5. This is just meant as a joke. I do keep checking my email daily though...
  6. Beta582

    WoT console community sign in here

    I may be able to catch the tail end of the stream. We shall see. Very nice. I am assuming the PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game will be the same on the off chance Sony finally allows Cross-Platform play? I just google it honestly. Makes it so much easier than trying to remember every timezone. I also keep forgetting that you are on PS4. My apologies.
  7. Beta582

    WoT console community sign in here

    Unfortunately that stream is happening at 9AM Central time and I will be at work... What is going on next month?
  8. Beta582

    WoT console community sign in here

    Figured I would check out the forums and stumbled upon this thread. Seeing a ton of names from the WoT Console community around here. Hoping to get into the Alpha to really check the game out. Loved WoWS on PC but my computer can't run it very well...