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  1. WastelandMadGod

    Let's Over-analyze a Picture Together

    The UI looks a little rough (well expected at this stage) but I like what it says about how the controls are shaping up. What do you guys think? Also this thread will be good just for posterity's sake.
  2. WastelandMadGod

    Status update: start of code distribution

    @Philigula Just a clarification on the timetable, and I'm sure it has been mentioned several times in other places but I'm having trouble finding it, but when the first group gets their codes will that be when they can download and log into the game (after a briefing on the rules and expectations) or if the testing is beginning later will we be able to pre-download it in order to maximize time when the test does open up?
  3. WastelandMadGod

    WOW-PC Help

    Port slots come with mission reward ships, and I don't know how many animals (or people) you sacrificed for RNGesus but tell me, I would like to pull containers like that.
  4. WastelandMadGod

    Would you like to have a poll/vote for a premium ship?

    Getting to vote on it would be nice. The way they did it for the PC versions was they gave out special versions of two of the tech tree ships: the Iwaki Alpha (Tenryu in the Tech Tree) and the Arkansas Beta (Wyoming in the Tech Tree). They have some minor differences from their tech tree counterparts but the biggest is that they have high tier upgrade slots.
  5. WastelandMadGod

    WOW-PC Help

    There is usually a port slot sale four to six times a year that you can by them individually for 150 Doubloons instead of 300, but a few times (on slightly rarer occasions) they sell them in bulk in the Premium Shop at like ten slots for seven dollars. It's a good deal if you're a ship hoarder like me, or you just want that extra breathing room if your going up several different lines.
  6. WastelandMadGod

    WOW-PC Help

    @RagingxMarmoset did a pretty good job with explaining this. An alternate method is to give the team a brief window to see if they say anything. If not, tell them that you are going somewhere and go to that heading. Someone will either chime in with a different strategy or you typically get some support. By doing this though, you become the shot caller and most likely the tip of the spear, so be ready to take an impromptu leadership role and the responsibility that comes with it. This doesn't work all the time and you will notice yourself sailing off alone after being promptly ignored. At this moment fall back on Marmoset's Oh Great, Now I'm in a Bowl of Potato Soup and I Should Probably Just Try to Salvage as Much Credits and XP Out of this Loss as Possible tactic. Just keep at the game. You will become loaded down with camos and signals, most of the time without even being aware that you're doing the mission for them. You'll just come back to port after a battle and see a reward notification and be all "What...on Earth did I get these for...oh, I guess I earned 5000 base XP today. Neat." The most important thing I think I've learned over the past nearly three years is that some days you feel like your not going to get better. The losses stack up and your head has knocked a few keys out of your keyboard and the egos and toxicity on the forums when you try to find help is just adding additional blows. Just keep playing and watching others who are willing to teach and keep practicing. What I started to do was, first of all enable replays, and second I started noting the ones I felt went really badly or really great and recording them with a (free) screen capture software so I don't lose the ability to watch them when the game updates. Once a week I will watch some good and I analyze what I did right and some bad to understand what I did wrong. I also analyze how the team behaved around me. Did I hinder or help them? Did they hinder or help me? Is there anything I can learn from what they were doing, right or wrong? You discover a lot when you're not actively trying not to die and focusing on the more subtle things. Hoped this helped at all, and glad you're with us and wanting to learn.
  7. WastelandMadGod

    English Speaking Community

    Brogue is right. We are all going to be newbies when this starts. PC WoWS players may have a slight advantage from just knowing the general feel of the classes, and WoT console players may have a slight advantage from playing a console WG title and knowing a little more of what to expect from the controls. Everything beyond that little bit o' vagueness is out the window. Even the individual ships we love on the PC may be wildly different in Legends. On top of that potentially new maps, new stealth, new upgrades, new captain perks, new consumables, etc. We're all going to be smacking at this pinata pretty hard, each of us hoping to be the first to crack it open and get to the goodies.
  8. WastelandMadGod

    Can we have the U.S.S Alaska

    I would like to see some weird implementation of the Ise.
  9. WastelandMadGod

    Happy Treason day to my fellow filthy colonials

    You're in Florida right? I think we've bot seen some things very similar to this heavy tank wheeling out of a Hardee's, Wal-Mart, or run down liquor store. Every time they wheeze you hear a bald eagle taking an insulin shot.
  10. WastelandMadGod

    Alpha status update

    I'm not sure they've sent out notifications yet. His announcement on Discord says they will be sending out codes over the next few weeks. I'm not sure if getting a code is the confirmation or if you receive a separate email to let you know, though.
  11. WastelandMadGod

    Will there be divisions on console during testing and afterward?

    This does kind of bring up the question of communication in general. Typing isn't exactly an option, quick commands can be decent if used properly under the right circumstances, and open team voice channels can be a...mixed bag, to be nice about it. I think the latter will unfortunately be the best solution but if you show up in a division you are likely to be in a party, which will shut out general voice comms. So things may be a little weird or frustrating going in.
  12. WastelandMadGod

    Unofficial Historical Bote Discussion Thread

    The Izumo was my first tier IX ship, and if it never shows up in Legends I won't be protesting the decision.
  13. WastelandMadGod

    Will there be divisions on console during testing and afterward?

    @BrogueOne If the PvP battles are still 12 on 12 then I think we can reasonably expect divisions to still be limited to three and I think we will see a one tier spread maximum like we do on PC. These are balance issues that were ironed out on PC and I don't believe WG is going to throw us for that big of a loop. But who knows? We've been surprised with both good and bad *cough* Graf Zepplin *cough*, and I 'm excited to see what we get. @LadyTanker With that being said, I really don't see why such a base function of all of WG's properties would be left on the cutting room floor, even for Alpha.
  14. WastelandMadGod

    More introductions!

    When I try to imagine the control layout for WoWS:L, I keep thinking Battlestations: Midway and Battlestations: Pacific. That series is the only one available on consoles that focuses around giving you control of large, complex warships from the 20th century. To me they were really fun games, but their mechanics, to me at least, didn't provide as much PvP fun as it could have. I hope, and am fairly confident, that whatever you guys come up with will knock it out of the park. Best of luck and good sailing to you.