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    Beta 2 Feed Back

    Played in my 2nd Beta over the weekend. Love the game. Ready for the general release. Feedback: a) Maps in general feel too small and/or constrained. Need more open sea and fewer land masses. This puts the larger/older ships at a disadvantage as they TRY to maneuver in the tight channels. Few fleets would willing go into such tight island-riddled areas. More open sea would result in better team play IMO. Constricted maps also create too many 'torpedo alleys'. b) Provide a way to look in various directions (as in WOT) without causing the guns/aiming point to move. Currently results in guns swinging about when I am trying to look in other directions (like trying to NOT ram into a island). c) Enjoy the camo option. d) A better way to understand when and where secondary guns are pointing and firing. Sometimes felt they were helping and other times thought they were silent. e) Aircraft: is there a way to control them (i.e. direction/path) or are they simply AI? f) At game launch, will servers be upgraded? Game start/load times seems excessive but believe that is because we are not on production servers and the low number of players in the game queue. Assuming we are using 'test' servers or similar. Again, thanks for the opportunity to participate in the Beta a second time. Looking forward to the general release.
  2. 506th Guy

    It's a date!

    Simply awesome...... looking forward to the beta weekend and launch.... Thank You.
  3. 506th Guy

    Merry Christmas, Legends!

    I second that!
  4. 506th Guy

    [EN] General Discussion

    I agree. did not expect that in Beta. Just overall feedback for Launch.
  5. 506th Guy

    [EN] General Discussion

    Love the Beta weekend! Played dozens of games I think. Great game. Can't wait for the release of this game. Feedback (note: some of my feedback could because due to lack of understanding) 1) Game play: a) When switching from torpedoes to guns had difficulty getting gun zoom to work immediately. Had to go in / out of gun zoom multiple times to get it working again b) Better distinction between primary and secondary guns and ability select which to fire. c) A WISH-Ability to point guns at different ships simultaneously and fire at multiple targets simultaneously. 2) Battle summary. Would appreciate a more comprehensive battle summary of my performance, similar to World of Tank Mercenaries. Would love to know who I killed and how much damage I did to them. 3) History: way to see my play history, kills, damage done ship/by class/by nation, penetrations, medals earned, etc.
  6. 506th Guy

    [PSA] How to change your Forum name!

    I agree. I think everything is fine, simply a misunderstanding that Microsoft = Xbox The odd thing is if you click on Play Station, then PS4 displays. However when click on Microsoft just says logged in. I suspect many of us would expect to see Xbox when clicking on Microsoft similar to the way PS4 appears after clicking Play Station.
  7. 506th Guy

    [PSA] How to change your Forum name!

    After reading your reply am feeling it may be my understanding (or lack of!) what I am seeing. On the left nav I see "Play Station" but then right below it is "Microsoft". I am starting to think I've overstated the PlayStation aspect. Since I see Microsoft should I take that to be Xbox? So when I do get access and can download the game I will be okay? Which if true tells me that once a person attaches via Xbox or PlayStation then that will be their preferred platform, its just that the preferences show both that confused me. Guess I was looking for Xbox & failed to realize that is "Microsoft
  8. 506th Guy

    [PSA] How to change your Forum name!

    T33kanne can you help us configure our Accounts for Xbox instead of PlayStation (PS4)????????
  9. 506th Guy

    [PSA] How to change your Forum name!

    Have same issue. Profile shows as PS4, but I have an Xbox One. Tried Configure in area of PS4 but do not get anything that lets me select Xbox One. Any help setting Account Settings to Xbox One would be appreciated.