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  1. Imhidingshh

    Your opinion on maxing out tiers @7

    Think people are assuming that the PC tier 7 will be the Console tier 7. I'm not really bothered by the tier system they want to bring in, just that it's balanced.
  2. Imhidingshh

    Camo filter

    If they do bring in anime camo's (or any for that matter) I hope only the player using it can see them. I don't fancy sailing around seeing bright pink battleships.
  3. Imhidingshh

    Alpha status update

    You heard wrong then. (Soviet is that you?) I'm not going put any cash in if there is WoT console input so I'd rather find out now and not later after I've put lots of hours into the game.
  4. Imhidingshh

    Alpha status update

    I've just asked in a different thread if the "console specialists" are from WoT Console or not. Don't think I'd want to get involved with them again. Unless it's Lady O of course, she's a legend.
  5. Imhidingshh

    Introducing the team

    Would you be able to tell us if the Console specialists are from WoT Console or if they're brand new to WG? Thanks.
  6. Imhidingshh

    Alpha status update

    Let's just hope they don't have any input.
  7. Imhidingshh

    About to go boom...

    The game looks nice, the spray of the sea and the actual sea almost looks real.
  8. Imhidingshh

    Friendly Fire and WoWS Legends

    They should make it so any damaged caused by FF (guns not Torp's) gets taken off the health of the one firing. It can work, I remember it happening on a game I used to play on my iPad.
  9. Imhidingshh

    How many is too many?

    I used to be a ST there, the bugs and problems were detected but a lot were left unfixed or just ignored.
  10. Imhidingshh

    How many is too many?

    WoTc Supertest is a joke, nothing from that should come here.
  11. Imhidingshh

    How many is too many?

    As many as the Devs think they need to get the data they're after. Not even sure why this thread is needed to be honest?
  12. Imhidingshh

    The Wishlist

    I've got one wish for this game, well two. 1, success, and 2, for people to stop talking about bloody WoTc on this forum.
  13. Imhidingshh

    Tune suggestions

    Do you mean Kraken the Rum? As for tunes, I'm into the Gardians of the Galaxy Awesome Mix 1&2 and I'm also listening to my classics like Run DMC, Beastie Boys, Prince and any good Rock and Roll (AC/DC, Stones, stuff like that). The Amazon Dot is great for mixing up music.
  14. Imhidingshh

    Forum quality of life improvement suggestion.

    Can we get some Pirate emoji's please?
  15. Imhidingshh

    WoT console community sign in here

    Watch out people, I've heard Violet is on a new Beautifying (is that a word?) mission.