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  1. Momowala

    It's a date!

    Will there be an process wipe after the beta weekend? I should better ask will everyone start from zero at launch?
  2. Momowala

    Beta weekend FAQ

    Your answer doesn't make any sense, @nti9.
  3. Momowala

    Deutschsprachige Community

    Wie hast du denn Geld in WoWs Legends "geballert". Oder meinst du dass du weil du dir einen Vorteil in anderen WG Titeln erkauft hast auch ein recht darauf hast an Alpha- / Betatests anderer Titel teilzunehmen? Wenn ich mich nicht irre ist aktuell das 2. Quartal als Release angegeben.
  4. Momowala

    The Beta weekend cometh!

    Sometimes you can get the answer by scrolling up... The servers where up all the time for Alpha testers. So it might just be incidental that you've seen post just this weekend.
  5. Momowala

    Commanders in Legends

    Everything has to be balanced for everyone. Take the 113 on PC it was a strong tank with many weaknesses. Unicums could play around these weaknesses and make it look kinda OP but the minority underperformed in it. It was called OP because mostly Unicums played it and it got buffed. Now Unicums do as good as before, just don't have to work as hard for it. And the minority is performing on their average level. So it is balanced. In an Defender on the other hand Unicums perform on their average but potatoes totally overperform in it. I've seen so many 43-47%ers with an average WR of 63-73% in the Defender. It is too idiot proof and because of that it's just broken. So balancing is really hard. Sometimes even the best players don't realise how broken something is (I remember a super uni calling the Defender weak). Because of that you also have to look at the numbers.
  6. Momowala

    Commanders in Legends

    Ive given my feedback in the captains thread. And I've wrote my feedback in the German feedback thread since it is easier to write in german for me. Now I'm waiting at response from WG (which might take a while because of obvious reasons) or the next patches so I can give additional feedback. I'm not just sitting here and call everything stupid or shit. I try to tell WG what I like and what I don't like. I also try to figure out how I would like it better. But I saw what happened to WOT and I don't want to see that happen again.
  7. Since I don't want to write the same thing as Ruthless I'll be tanking balanced radar. The current radar is just crap. It works through islands, by radar spotted ships are visual as if they are surface detected, everyone can see them immediately, the accuracy is the same as surface spotted... It's just broken.
  8. Momowala

    Commanders in Legends

    Now we're talking. We need more "rows" of skills and more skills per row. That's all I'm saying all the time. And all I'm saying is that non of the current captains are really suitable for the ships / my playstyle they're ment for. I'll let WG work on them but not without arguing what's going wrong till now, in my opinion of cause. At least till there is an update in the game, or an official announcement here.
  9. Momowala

    Commanders in Legends

    There won't be cookie cutter builds, you're right. But there will be cookie cutter captains. There will only be one captain who is the best suitable for a ship / line and some others who might be okay but not that good. So it is absolutely the same as on PC, only dumbed down. Even if you don't want to hear that. In competitive every ship only has one job to do. If it it spotting, tanking, long range support or whatever. There will always only be 2-3 ships that serve the job the best (only Stalingrad can do everything). And there will always only be skillset that serves this job no matter how many options you have. Competitive is an totally different game than random WoWs. And competitive is not what we are talking about here nor is it what we are testing here. To argue that there need to be limitations in random because of the lack of variety in competitive doesn't really make sense. I doubt anyone wants a carbon copy of the PC captains, the system obviously doesn't work as intended. But some of us want real choices, not only having to choose between sodom or gomorra.
  10. Momowala

    Legends and you

    Thx, @KaLeuWillenbrock. I didn't watch the stream and I can't find the information anywhere unfortunately.
  11. Momowala

    Legends and you

    You will probably need to buy it for both games separately @marclvztan.
  12. Momowala

    Commanders in Legends

    You're absolutely right with that, @KaLeuWillenbrock. It is okay to take away certain skills from some nations to balance them. I'm absolutely fine with that. But,for now, there is no captain who has all the skills necessary for a DD. The lethal skills for a DD captain are: 1) True grit because you never want to be unable to steer your DD. 2) Unstoppable because a DD without enginepower is a dead DD. 3) Look at me because it's impossible to fulfill your role without good concealment 4) Fine engineering because the modules on DDs are so fragile and the HP buff is a great help for a class that has the lease 5) Intuitive because you need to know where the next enemy ship (also known as the biggest threat besides radar) is. This would take the base trait and all the ranked skills away and only leave the legendary skills to choose from. That's not what I would call variety. That isn't a captain built, that is boring and taking away choices from the players. I want to choose from faster reload or more range on the torps. Higher penetration or higher chance of fires on HE shells. Better guns or better torps. More consumables or longer smoke duration etc. That are captain builds. That is variety. That is having options to choose from.
  13. Momowala

    Commanders in Legends

    Why is it good that way? Why is it good to force players to a playstyle they don't want? For me it's impossible to have a DD comander the way I want him to be. And even if there was one who had all the lethal skills for a DD there would be no space for individuality. I think there should be at least two more levels of skills to choose from. That way it will stay simple like WG wants it to be but still leaves space for some player choices.
  14. Momowala

    [EN] General Discussion

    The App never really worked so nobody used it so it was removed. If there would be a good working App I'm pretty sure people would use it. I liked the idea of the WOT App. Some stats (like armor) are still missing but most of them are in the game. I'm pretty sure the process will be wiped. Short answer: no WG said in an Stream end of 1. quarter '19 1) yea, most WOTc players still don't understand the mechanics because of the lack of tutorials. Would be nice if the St Pete guys and gals would do better in WoWs. I already mentioned it in the alpha section, we'll see what happens. 2) you can play destroyers from T2 and Battleships from T3. Why do you feel forced to play cruisers? 3) that would be great. I mentioned the awkward position of the Map right at the beginning of the alpha but they aren't very understandable about it. Plus it's very annoying that every notification on PS4 blocks the Map for a couple of seconds. The steering is under water, as is most of the citadel. So it is absolutely right if you see water splash but still hit the enemy. As mentioned before, besides armor (and some other) it's in the game Why do there need to be 10 tiers? I personally enjoy 7 tiers with +1/-1 MM instead of 10 with +2/-2. Plus they would need to add some stinkers and some unbalanced ships to fill up to 10 tiers. 4) you can leave the battle and play with the same ship right away if you're sunk vs AI. Let them develop the Base game first. If that's running they can add whether etc. 1)a) the secondarys fire automatically, no need to aim them. A focus system for the secondarys and AA should be added later. b) how do you want to lead shots at multiple targets? Sounds pretty impossible to me. 2)+3) I'm sure they will add it to the release version. There will be many more ships once the game is released if you're talking about nations and lines. But it will stay at 7 tiers. Because of 7 tiers there have to be some adjustments to balance the ships. So there will be some ships with bigger differences to the PC version. Why is a 9vs9 more frustrating than an 12vs12. I really like the smaller teams. Easier MM, less stupidly on my team... There will be no map pinging (current state). WG says the communication should happen via voicechat. They probably think it's easier to talk to some random drunken Russians than to ping them. @T33kanne mentioned that players don't want choices so they made the profession linear. Flags and camos will be in the release version. 1) Why does everyone want 10 tiers? I really don't get it. 2) BBs are spotted that early because the spawn points are way closer to the enemy. That's how WG is trying to make the game faster. 3) no WG wants you to use the voicechat. You're right. Was way of making things different... I'm not sure how to blind fire into smoke if you can't see it but it's definitely different.
  15. Momowala

    Commanders in Legends

    Or in other words: WG doesn't want to give the players many choices, unfortunately. As @T33kanne mentioned: that is what the players want.