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  1. The1970Hooper

    WoWS submarine gameplay, will console or PC get subs?

    Wargaming could make an entire game dedicated to submarine warfare. Imagine platooning with friends to hunt and destroy shipping while constantly being searched for by surface ships, having to destroy a combined amount of tonnage to achieve victory. The combat between submarines would be a whole new ballgame given the extra dimension of movement required for depth, etc. , etc. There you go Phil, something for you guys to work on, on your next couple of days off. Yes, I would take a job as a writer, thanks for asking.
  2. The1970Hooper

    Two questions for all of you

    The first video game I played was the original Pong, on its own console from Atari. I think it was released in 73, but it was 75 or 76 before I played. I remember the awe of being able to move something on the television screen with a hand held device, because to change the channel or volume we had to get up and use the dials on the front of the set. Only two channels, three if the weather was just so. The first online game was WoTconsole, Legends will be the second.
  3. The1970Hooper

    Best theme song to go to battle with?

    The Wheels on the Bus and the theme to Barney. Krank those tunes up when I'm playing, and the bloodlust takes over.
  4. The1970Hooper

    A sea of opportunities

    yes. heart got a little fluttery with anticipation, and then it was back to the heartache of being left out. i'm going to sulk now.
  5. The1970Hooper

    A sea of opportunities

    i want to play.
  6. The1970Hooper

    Sad :(

    I still play arty, but avoid saying so on the forum. The haters get way too excited. That forum has gotten extremely toxic, ask for advice and prepare for 75% of the answers to be insults for not knowing the answer to the question your asking. So far this forum is what a forum should be.
  7. The1970Hooper

    Premium poll

    I hope to spend money for premium time and nothing else. The final decision will be made when I finally get to play the game. I have no intention of spending the kind of money on ships as I have on tanks.
  8. The1970Hooper

    Status update: start of code distribution

    I'm ready Phil. Quit my job, left my family, stocked up on Red Bull and adult diapers. Send the code now please. These diapers are awesome.
  9. The1970Hooper

    Going big.

    Noice! Like I wasn't already looking forward to this game, now I'm all Will Ferell as Buddy the Elf screaming SANTA looking forward to it. Looks great. Good work Legends team.
  10. The1970Hooper

    Where you from and what platform

    New Brunswick, Canada. About 300 yds. from the Atlantic. Playing on Xbox 1 Elite and borrowed time, according to my wife.
  11. I honestly expected you to be one of the first posters here. Good to see you.
  12. The1970Hooper

    Forum quality of life improvement suggestion.

    It is my sincerest wish that this forum be a place for discussion and debate, helpful exchange of strategies, having fun with off topic jokes and general mirth, and a place where experienced players with sound knowledge of the game mechanics will assist players who have never played before. All for the purpose of creating an atmosphere that keeps the game alive for years to come, welcomes new players and encourages them to stay. There are only signs that this is the shared objective of this forums members and staff so far, and it will remain so through the commitment of said members and staff being vigilant with not only their own posts, but reporting those who display a continued attitude of negativity by lashing out at others. We all have bad days. Say and do things we regret. If you notice this with someone, offer an open hand and not a closed fist. If it takes a village to raise a child, it will take a village of us to raise a healthy forum. "Go placidly amid the noise and haste, and remember what peace there may be in silence. As far as possible without surrender be on good terms with all persons. Speak your truth quietly and clearly; and listen to others, they too have their story." From the Desiderata. Thank you for reading.
  13. The1970Hooper

    Tune suggestions

    Gordon Lightfoot, The Wreck of the Edmond Fitzgerald. The Beach Boys, Sloop John B. The Village People, In the Navy. When we finally get to play, these three songs are going on an endless loop which I will happily broadcast over my in game mic. for everyone to enjoy. Your welcome. I tried to use the sarcastic grinning sailor emoji, but the emojis must be drunk and this one kept inserting itself. If I cant indicate sarcasm with some of my posts, I may get banned. lol.
  14. The1970Hooper

    System Sound Off

    Xbox 1. Waterproof edition.
  15. The1970Hooper

    Community Contributors

    The Mighty Jingles is a big part of why I'm looking forward to learning this game. I will be sure to check out the vids by the others mentioned here.