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  1. Donk341978

    Why are Legends the way they are?

    Wow... so even when the "monsters" finally do come you're actually considering hiding them behind a pay window... awesome
  2. Donk341978

    Why are Legends the way they are?

    Your biggest problem is you tubers are probably wargamings best advertisers. I want Yamato, Montana, Kurfurst, Zao, etc because that's all you see. I find your tier 10 is blah blah blah to be at best a poor excuse. The biggest "legend" you have in the game is Iowa. No sodak no north Carolina.... Frankly your entire reaction to this is very close to the "if you don't like it don't buy it" arrogance that has basically destroyed battlefield. Not having Yamato in the game at release will be a huge mistake.
  3. Donk341978

    Legends and you

    Just waiting for big gun go boom at this point
  4. I've been waiting for this since I saw the alpha from jingles on PC. Thank you for finding a new way to empty my pockets wargaming 🙂