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  1. Philigula

    Breaking the waves

    It all begins with the waves. And after those are broken this USS Fletcher will start her torpedo dance of hull breaking and no one is going away unscathed. There will be no breaks for this breaker until everything is broken.
  2. Philigula


    @Ruthless4u edited your post to make the text more visible 🙂 There's a "paste as plain text" feature available when you paste something. Good story 😉
  3. Philigula

    English Speaking Community

    I don't see you in currently banned users, try the link at the top of this page.
  4. Philigula


    Correct, but year is not a date 🙂
  5. Philigula


    You could be wrong 😛 We don't actually have a set date.
  6. Philigula

    It's cold out there

    But only until this Ishizuchi opens fire!
  7. Philigula

    Russian-speaking community

    Возможно, потому, что я не женат, еще не появилась такая функциональность 🙂
  8. Philigula

    Two questions for all of you

    1. Something on Famicom. Most likely Mario Bros. 2. Warcraft III. Played it on dial-up in 2003 before getting a DSL connection 🙂
  9. Philigula

    Haven't gotten Alpha Code

    Actually they do go out to testers only, but some of the letters with keys have bounced 🙂
  10. Philigula

    How do I get into the test servers?

    We had applications open until July 4th, otherwise we're giving the codes from time to time here and on our Discord server.
  11. Philigula

    Would you like to see the Graf Zepplin in the game?

    This is quite a curveball 😉 But obviously not earlier than the carrier rework.
  12. Philigula

    Russian-speaking community

    Снимаю шляпу. Режима унижения у меня решительно нет 🙂
  13. Philigula

    Discord - all aboard!

    I honestly wouldn't say that we're putting discord over this forum, but many folks do enjoy it, so we saw no reason not to cater to them. Currently I wouldn't say that either of the platforms is "primary", the time will tell, however if that's going to be the case. But as I stated before it's more about which rhythm you prefer: if it's something more deliberate and weighted - forum is the place, Discord just works well for real-time conversations.
  14. Philigula

    Discord - all aboard!

    Let me dispel some misconceptions, sir 🙂 We're not putting any platform before any other platform per se, however we're trying to get on with the times, and a significant part of our potential playerbase does prefer the rapid pace of Discord to a measured yet, slower forum. We do double all of the news items both platforms, however, so there's no disrespect towards any of our community members. Another reason why Discord might be more popular among the future Legends is that many of them (if not most) are communicating using their phones, which do go well together with Discord. Forum is usually preferred by PC users whose numbers are not that high in our particular case, but in the end of the day - to each their own, and we're not depriving any platform of information. When it comes to Reddit, there are couple of things at the moment that prevent a fully functional sub. First, it is an open resource and we're still in the closed stages of our testing. Second it is a community-ran platform, which we can at most recognize, and I believe with time there will be a subreddit which we interact with regularly. Then again, maybe you're trolling and I write all of this for nothing, but if not, I hope you have your answers now 🙂
  15. Philigula

    Russian-speaking community

    Ура! Не раньше конца августа.