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  1. Calling all Legends! Prepare for some naval shenanigans by signing up to participate in World of Warships: Legends' first Closed Beta weekend! Just head to http://wowslegends.com to sign up for a chance to try out the game on December 21-23, and to receive special rewards when the game is released in 2019. Sign up today and turn the tide! Check out the trailer:
  2. Philigula

    Russian-speaking community

    Друзья с доступом, попрошу вас непосредственное обсуждение игры в закрытую секцию перенести 🙂
  3. We're doing our second mailout today, this time it's United States, Canada and Mexico. Additionally we'll give away more keys here and on our Discord, but please make sure that your PSN account is bound to one of the mentioned countries! Contact myself, @Calypso or @T33kanne if you have any questions. To verify your status as alpha tester we will need to check your email and PSN ID against the mailout database. Happy testing and turn the tide!
  4. Updated Oct. 8: Friends, we're overwhelmed by your desire to help and are very thankful for your interest, however we have gotten more EU testers than we expected. This means that the code giveaways are over for the time being. The next wave of giveaways for our North American players will be announced in a couple of days. Legends and gentlemen! We are pleased to announce that the code distribution for the Playstation 4 alpha test of Legends is beginning! We're sending out several hundred codes to the original applicants and we're prepared to get the the most active of you in. Please contact myself, Calypso RV, T33kanne or Philigula here or on our Discord if you need the permissions for the alpha sections! We will need your PSN ID and email address to check against our mailout database. Please note that it's Europe, Australia and New Zealand today and our American friends will receive the codes a little later. Please remember that by signing up you agree to the terms of the NDA.
  5. Philigula


    Inspired by the British Arethusa and C-class cruisers, Tenryū improves on the Chikuma cruiser while adding a torpedo armament and occupies the second tier in Legends. She will be a great stepping stone in your virtual naval career.
  6. Philigula

    Russian-speaking community

    Ранний доступ за деньги не планируется. Все, кто уже в тесте, если не нарушают правил, доступ не потеряют, а в ОБТ двери будут открыты для всех желающих.
  7. Philigula

    WoWS submarine gameplay, will console or PC get subs?

    @Ruthless4u, we do have our hands full with core gameplay and later on carriers implementation, not to mention commanders 🙂 So even if subs make it to the PC game as a separate class, it's not going to be a priority to adapt them to consoles if I'm honest.
  8. Philigula

    Russian-speaking community

    Попадая в альфа-тест, вы, по сути, получаете ранний доступ 🙂
  9. Philigula

    Legends on the WoWs anniversary stream

    @LIBARYKEEPER483I'll have you know that Lada vesta is actually a decent car 😛 @RuefulCenturion O-1 to O-5, we do have to skip several, might make it more detailed in the future.
  10. Philigula

    Legends on the WoWs anniversary stream

    Will have to talk to your boss. I will do my best to convince him using your Legends feedback as the final argument!
  11. Philigula

    Legends on the WoWs anniversary stream

    Still just the Xbox. Sony is early October as we've said before 🙂 Congrats on the Commander rank 😉
  12. Monday, September 17, tune into WoWs anniversary stream to find out more about Legends gameplay and get a chance to become a part of the alpha! The stream begins at 14:00 UTC and the Legends section hits hard at 17:10 UTC. Turn the tide!
  13. Philigula

    A new Captain has joined the Team

    An unrealistic hope my friend! 🙂
  14. Philigula

    Supertest mailout

    Legends! Please accept our apologies if you've received a letter concerning WoWs PC Supertest ships. This is an honest mistake on our part and we're sorry for the inconvenience that may have caused you. The letter, unfortunately, does not mean that you were accepted into the ST program, so please ignore it. Sometimes the tide turns us.
  15. Philigula

    Russian-speaking community

    Лимит определенный, конечно, будет, но для всех присутствующих здесь места найдутся, не волнуйтесь.