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  1. Philigula

    Beta Summary (Thoughts and Suggestions)

    Many a gentleman here say that "grinding without top upgrades is awful" (I'm paraphrasing), my question would be, when in the game are you able to have fun then? Only on top tier ships or only with perfect builds? I'm honestly not trying to bait you into anything here, but I can only judge but how it is for me. I see the road to upgrades as a challenge and mounting the final ones as a catharsis of sorts (this is my personal opinion, not WG collective one), and most of the time if the games are more or less even I just enjoy the process, making right decisions or succeeding in shooting/torpedoing/winning the game, or if not wining, giving it my all. Lore also plays a role as I do imagine being on board of the ship I'm controlling, albeit briefly. When I'm not giving it my all, it's just winding down and taking a pause from the world around. Or having a good time with my friends, like we did with @T33kanne on our stream and I was fooling around with the stupidest builds possible (but I guess that's my gimmick). Again, I don't know what it is to be you, because I just don't and I never will, but how many parameters need to line up for you to be able to enjoy yourself in Legends? Please don't take this question the wrong way 🙂
  2. Philigula

    The Beta weekend cometh!

    @Squibeel indeed there will be more chances!
  3. Philigula

    Known issues

    There are some bugs which we're already squashing! Please familiarize yourself with this list, so you don't submit duplicates. If you encounter something new please use the "Report a bug" feature of this forum. User interface Returning to port from the results screen may take an extra second or two long Torpedo reload icon and and button tooltip are positioned too close together Players can still be invited into divisions even during battle (shouldn't be the case) When ship moves at a high speed some UI elements (ribbons and achievements) start to shake and blur Icons of destroyed ships "shake" on the minimap sometimes After moving backwards in a ships and then stopping the speed remains at a 0.2 knots value Noticeable lag when the ship progress window is open Recently added friends appearing after offline friends on the firendlist Online friends appearing in random order on the friendlist Clemson first main upgrade doesn't show what the improvements or detriments are Camera rotating independently of player input when targeting with torpedoes and sailing near isles Sound Torpedo reloading sounds keep on playing after the ship has been destroyed Controls Cross hairs move together with the "LS unlock guns" tooltip leaving their initial trajectory Cross hairs "twitching" up and down in binocular view 3D Buoys inside the battle map cause light reflections to appear outside the map border When in binocular view and aiming beyond the map border the aiming dot on the water shakes After getting destroyed player's ship model shakes General After continuously playing for 3-4 hours you may experience a crash, which is rectified by closing the game and relaunching it
  4. Philigula

    Commanders in Legends

    Legends! It's time to talk about Commanders, and without further ado let us just show you a screenshot:   Please keep in mind that this is still very much work in progress and most of the details, including skill configurations, stats and even some art. You'll notice that there are already more skills available in the game 🙂 And boy is there a lot to explain here! But let's start at the beginning. When implementing commanders we wanted to make sure that they are fun, varied and are something that you, Legends, can identify with. They represent an avatar of sorts, that will enhance gameplay on the ship of your choice in various ways. And that can be attained by trying out different commanders with particular tendencies or using the different builds of the same commander, thereby boosting diverse facets of your warship. Please note that commanders are bound to their nations' ships, in this case it means that William Halsey can only be at the helm of American vessels. At the same time you can reassign commanders between their national ships without any penalties as well as switch the skills you're using at will between the battles, so you're quite free in your experiments! Now, let's unpack what we're seeing on the screenshot above. Obviously we're dealing with William "Bull" Halsey, and he is one of several commanders you'll be able to get acquainted with and cause some naval destruction together. Going back to the screenshot, you can see that Fleet Admiral Halsey is at the 5th rank, which is effectively his combat level, determining the skills available to him and his proficiency with each of them. Commander skills give passive bonuses to particular stats of a ship. Each commander will have a base trait, and 5 tiers of skills to choose from. At this point we have 2 skills per tier, but that is subject to change. What we plan to achieve is for you to always have some choice when it comes to picking a skill, whichever class you may prefer. Halsey's base trait "Sixth Sense" grants the ship he commands additional torpedo detection range. This helps with spotting torpedoes a second or so earlier, which can mean the difference between sinking or carrying on with the battle. The skill selected in the picture, "On Second Thought", speeds up the reload time of main battery when switching shells, but requires the guns to be loaded first. This is useful in several scenarios and mostly for battleships and cruisers, when fighting against angled opponents or simply ships with thick armor that cruiser AP shells just can not overmatch. Moving along the skill trees you will always have a choice, for example Halsey's other option on the 2nd tier is "Reaching Out", it allows low caliber guns (of up to 139 mm) to fire farther away, thereby giving Bull's ship a slight edge in distance. This is particularly useful for destroyers' main batteries as well as battleship secondaries and translates indirectly into damage dealt. You might notice that each skill has a ribbon underneath it, these ribbons indicate what kind of skill it is. Red ribbon stands for "confrontation" - skills most useful for direct battle situations, meaning they affect your aiming and firing capabilities. "Survivability" denoted with a green ribbon is just that - skills that make your ship live longer in a battle, be it through boosting Damage Control Party or giving an HP percentage increase or anything to allow your ship to withstand more punishment. There are skills that combine both, like one of Halsey's legendary skills - "Intuitive" which prolongs Hydroacoustic Search and Surveillance Radar's active time as well as shows the direction of where the closest enemy ship is. Some skills, regardless of being Confrontation and/or Survivability skills, can also belong to "Unity"category, if they benefit other members of your team. All of the skills in the trees except for base traits have four mastery levels which increase automatically as you rank up your commander. Depending on the tier, particular skills increase in mastery on specific commander ranks. Base traits' mastery, however, increases with each rank. To rise in rank you use Commander XP that is earned in a similar way as Ship XP. Commander XP, however, is always stored in a shared pool and you need to spend it on a particular commander to progress through ranks. To advance past particular ranks (7,11) you will also need to use promotion items, that you'll be able to earn by completing tasks and combat missions. After rank 16, to advance your commander you no longer need XP but rather a different kind of promotional item. At this point he can maximize his base skill mastery acquiring additional effects as well as gain access to legendary skills. Be advised that the feature is still a work in progress and there's going to be influx of new faces and skills alike in the future. Some art, descriptions and effects are still not final. When we go live you will have commanders available for both nations so you'll be able to start your and their journey right away.
  5. Philigula

    Why are Legends the way they are?

    Too early to tell. I agree on the importance of content, but it's more of a post-release thing 😉 Are they adding subs? D you have confirmation? 😛
  6. Philigula

    Why are Legends the way they are?

    Yamato in this case is not going to affect success. Core gameplay is. If you enjoy it, we're halfway there. Content can always be added.
  7. Philigula

    Why are Legends the way they are?

    Can't make such guarantees yet. I can guarantee you ships that you have seen + more, extra maps and 4K/HDR support on release 😉 For the foreseeable future 9v9 is the way. Again, 2 platforms and a new game. We need an efficient match maker. What I mean is it's good at any viewing distance.
  8. Philigula

    Why are Legends the way they are?

    @PietroMaximoff you'll get more look around options in January. Other than that what our UI needs to be able to deliver is give you as much info as you need, no matter how (reasonably) far you wanna sit. If you're practically glued to your display this shouldn't be an issue, but if you are 2-3 feet away from a decent sized display using a tiny UI just won't work. Fun fact: my work TV is just 1 foot away from my face. The team isn't big, but the points you made were not widely supported, that's all. If 5 other people support you on Discord, that's fine, but when we go to our polls, we see that it's a minority observation. It can change in the future, sure, but at the moment, we just didn't get many complaints. And another good portion will use their couches and we want to cater to both. I think you're being dramatic 🙂 We don't force people into anything at all. What's more interesting is that this article was live in the alpha section for a couple of months 😛 Anyway, your concerns were heard, Pietro, it's just that they weren't predominant, according to your testing mates.
  9. And where is the Yamato? This is a question we get from you, Legends, and it seems that the time to have the talk is now. For those of you who prefer short-form reading we can say this: Yamato will enter the ship roster at some point. The statement is true for many of her peers as well. If that's enough to alleviate your reservations - good! If you'd like to get a deeper look into the actions behind development - read on. Legends is a game about XX century warships. It is quite obvious that it would be incomplete without such iconic and legendary (see what we did here?) ship as the Yamato. She, together with her counterparts from other nations will have to be looked at again from the balance perspective before she is reborn as the pinnacle of the Japanese battleship branch. We can't yet say which tier she will occupy, and how many tiers there will be eventually, but the ceiling is going to be raised most likely. For now, seven tiers are set in stone. Now let's talk about why she's not among the Legends from the very beginning. Our PC players are familiar with the shifts one experiences while moving along the tiers. Very basic gameplay on tier I ships - gun boats, then protected cruisers and dreadnoughts on tiers II and III which continue the "pew-pew" motif while introducing destroyers and battleships, following tiers are centered around WWI dreadnought and post-dreadnought era vessels. Tier VI, VII and VIII are mostly WWII ships, while IX and X are reserved for the top performers of WWII and post-war years. Yamato is a hallmark tier X ship that, thanks to her armor and armament, became a pinnacle that had to be matched at the tier balance-wise, and that's why we had to look for inspiration within some of the projects that were not finished in steel. Those parameters of her also mean that there's quite a drastic shift in gameplay once you reach tier X. What adds another layer of complexity for her implementation is the amount of information you need to consume and digest when playing a tier X ship. That includes, but is not limited to: long range fire fights, being aware of destroyers and torpedoes, smokescreens, many cooldowns that need to be tracked, later on - carrier aviation. In addition, thanks to the weaponry available at the tier, mistakes become severely more costly than on tier VIII for example and you need to plan your actions significantly ahead. Don't forget that we're also bringing battleships closer to action. All of the above mentioned factors need to be kept in mind and on the screen. PC version presumes that you're fairly close to your monitor, therefore the UI elements can be comparatively small. Console use case is aimed at the "couch" experience first and foremost, where the average player will sit several feet away from the screen, so the elements need to be quite a bit more obvious and large while the overall amount of info that we can relay to the player is somewhat limited. Gamepad also affects player's situational awareness due to the difference in camera controls with the PC counterpart. Now that we have the information flow under control, we can touch upon the team size and match maker. Both 9v9 configuration and +1/-1 match maker will allow you to find battles fast and those battles are never going to have a more that a single tier discrepancy. Remember that playstyle does shift every couple of tiers and ability to find a match independent of which you prefer. Another factor for choosing those particular numbers and rules is that we're going to have 2 separate platforms that unfortunately do not allow for cross play. We do expect a wide player base eventually, but we still need to start somewhere. To sum it up, current conditions and configuration will allow for comfortable flow of data from the TV screen to the player thanks to the clean UI, quick matchmaking, independent of which console you choose or which tier you prefer, dynamic battles, and a sea of opportunities for growth. But the starting point for release is the one we find optimal. Fear not, Yamato will enter the picture, you just have to exercise some patience 🙂
  10. Philigula

    Beta weekend FAQ

    @im_a_rich_pilot2, absolutely, we've dropped the NDA today.
  11. Philigula

    Beta weekend FAQ

    @stegly couple of days before the start. Added that to the OP.
  12. Philigula

    Beta weekend FAQ

    Guys, who have registered for the beta weekend, this post is to clarify what the next steps are! 1. When? The weekend will begin on Friday, December 21 and last until Sunday, December 24 (UTC 4:00 is when the servers will go down). 2. How do I know that I'm in? If you receive a follow-up e-mail with a code that's a good indication! The mailouts will happen no earlier than 2 days before the weekend. Redeem said code in your platform store, download the game and join the fun! If you receive a letter with a code it means that the servers are live. UPDATE: Mailouts are about to begin on Dec. 21 UTC 4:00 3. What if I don't receive anything? You might not get access, but you will still get your goodies when the game is released! Moreover, this isn't the only beta-weekend we plan on having. Those goodies will include various consumables that can boost your progress in the game. 4. Is there a way to get something extra during the weekend? Play 10 games in any mode and you will receive a special beta weekend flag when the game is released! 5. What happens after the weekend ends? We're going back to closed testing, however you'll be able to find everything that happens to the game. Moreover, there will be at least another beta weekend, so stay tuned! 6. Do I retain access to the game after the beta weekend if I registered recently? Unfortunately, no. We want as many people to join the fun and tell us what they think, but there is still much work to be done before we release, so we hope for your understanding. 7. Where do I find more about what WoWs: Legends is about? It's a naval action game that offers you a great console experience with legendary warships and historic commanders keeping you company while wreak havoc upon the seas! To find out some more in-depth info, please refer to these posts: Why are Legends the way they are? Commanders in Legends 8. I want to get better in the game! Now! Easy, young commander! Feel free to go through our guides section. 9. I found a bug, I found a bug!!!!!!! Please report it either here, or on our Discord server in the appropriate section. Also, check the Known issues thread first! If you're sure that your bug is new, please provide a brief description of it, any screenshots/videos, your platform, timestamp (with the timezone included). Sometimes we would also ask for your platform nickname but we will reach out to you for that. 10. Is there an NDA of any sort, may I stream? We currently have no NDA, so please stream away. Unfortunately, you won't be able to stream with native Xbox tools yet, but otherwise we're not limiting you from sharing the fun. Turn the tide!
  13. Philigula

    the Download?

    Hey, good job. Turn the tide!
  14. Calling all Legends! Prepare for some naval shenanigans by signing up to participate in World of Warships: Legends' first Closed Beta weekend! Just head to http://wowslegends.com to sign up for a chance to try out the game on December 21-23, and to receive special rewards when the game is released in 2019. Sign up today and turn the tide! Check out the trailer:
  15. Philigula

    Russian-speaking community

    Друзья с доступом, попрошу вас непосредственное обсуждение игры в закрытую секцию перенести 🙂