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  1. Gallant Prime

    Naval Legends Video Series

    Cool. Will need to check them out and see if there are any tidbits I don't know.
  2. Gallant Prime

    The legendary part of WOWSL

    It's likely just a name to distinguish it from the PC. Think WoT: War Stories. It does help some when tagging and reviewing videos and finding information/stats about specific tanks--and in the future presumably ships so as not to get confused with the PC version. That being said it seems pretty purposeful in distinguishing it from PC, so as to say it will not be a PC port so don't expect PC things per se. Mercenary ships would be interesting in how to develop. I'm not sure how it could be done effectively though--16 inch gun on a destroyer or cruiser? It just doesn't seem very mercenary. Also, it seems like they should just do a separate game for that. They would have a lot more freedom from expectations then and it wouldn't even need to be "mercenary" just alternate planet/timeline with warships. Perhaps legends refers to a special founders ship premium that will become legendary, never to be sold again? Edit: ninja'd lol can't find the cursor to type a response timely. Also, the idea that WG HQ would give console warships little attention and thus freedom is based upon what?
  3. Gallant Prime

    Your opinion on maxing out tiers @7

    Multiple BB lines would be interesting. For some reason from the FAQ I got the impression they were just eliminating some of the lower tier stuff--starting it at tier 3 or something. That may have been someone else's wish though. Speaking strictly from WoT experience, I think that would be smart in some ways--depending on what is eliminated. If there is something iconic down there, people are going to want to play it, but it may make for more lower tier premiums. But you may be right--they may be thinking high tier premiums--some will see soon enough I guess.
  4. Gallant Prime

    Your opinion on maxing out tiers @7

    So I don't know? Sounds like they may squish down the tiers? Good for less grinding? Or will the individual grinds be longer? Linky:
  5. Gallant Prime

    WoT console community sign in here

    Thanks--I still expect some reduction of complexity--simplification from the PC game. I think learning curves are double edges--creates barriers to entry but also allows for longevity. I hope they get the balance right.
  6. Gallant Prime

    The Wishlist

    I haven't played the PC version so as to speak to specific mechanics, but from my experience on WoT console, I would say communicate the expectations early. You will have a mix of only console players like myself, but a lot of PC players that will expect a direct port of PC WoW. If it is not going to be a direct port--make that clear early. I don't know what views the PC community have on the PC game (balance, mechanics, clan wars?), but a lot of PC tankers are unhappy with the console game on the forum because of expectations created by the PC game. It all began with packages vs modules. If you will be creating the console version with delay from a PC server version--make that clear early on. If you are going to do things differently, make that clear early on. Be clear about balance updates--time frames and whether they follow PC. Be clear about limitations imposed by the game systems. Keep the community updated, but don't make promises you can't keep. Refer to possible releases as 1st quarter, 2nd quarter, etc as opposed to seasons that people do not know the actual start/end dates or are different around the world. It's ok to say we would like to implement whatever by latter half of a year but no promises. Be careful about complete surprises--rarely do those seem to turn out well--vet your ideas with some trusted players. Remember that a leak can be a good thing and that leaks are better than dead on arrival. Have the community manager organize and/or maintain some type of feedback loop with the community--like an issue board or something that individuals can be directed to with their questions that have already been answered. Planned changes or considerations could be on that board with a red, yellow, green system indicating how well they are progressing. Many questions will be asked over and over again about any perceived problems with the game. Accusations of never addressing questions occur. Non-answers are viewed in a very negative light. Use your community members--either officially or unofficially, but actually use them for projects for the community--particularly early in the release when enthusiasm will be high. Finally, gameplay above all else. Somethings may sound cool to implement, but remember people come to play a game.
  7. Gallant Prime

    WoT console community sign in here

    Thanks--that was very helpful. I suspect that what I highlighted in orange is what may be simplified for console as "insanely complicated" would make it harder to gain traction on console. I may try that squirrel game later in preparation--actually sounds like a funny video to watch. No such thing as prammo sounds like a godsend anymore.
  8. Gallant Prime

    Forum quality of life improvement suggestion.

    Wish I had seen this thread earlier. Is there anyway to change the base colors of the forum--particularly when writing a post? Is there an option for this, or can we have an option for this? The light grey on darker blue/grey is a bit hard to see, and the cursor color needs to be brighter because I can't see it. Many thanks!
  9. Gallant Prime

    WoT console community sign in here

    Hmm... I feel this conversation is sinking into salty waters fast. I did understand it was a joke. I appreciate the offer of the wiki, and I am sure others may like to spend their time going though it. The wiki and PC community contributors are of limited value to me. I don't know the CCs and honestly never found many useful given the time. I don't care for watching a 10 minute video for 2 bits of info or stat reading. However, I know some people from the WoT console here, some very good tankers with good sense, and it is their valued quick opinions I am after. That is more valuable to me and you can't just get that anywhere anytime. Theirs is just a different set of knowledge--opinionated if you will. I think a lot of other WoT console immigrants would also value their opinions as well--hence I posted the question in this thread. I also thought it would be a nice way for some of the WoT console peeps with ship experience to shine a little. Who knows maybe one of them is the next Maxchaos.
  10. Gallant Prime

    WoT console community sign in here

    Actually, I am a pretty smart reader I think--kind of do it professionally. I can always go back and read the details to fill in gaps. Better to find better players to learn those things not written. People are more valuable teachers. For instance what the heck happened to your quote I quoted. It quoted, but did not include the words. Why is that? Lol and now my letters just randomly turned green while typing this edit. Another edit to turn them white--lol.
  11. Gallant Prime

    Introducing the team

    Well there is a familiar face ^^^^. Anyway--Thanks guys for the intro--looking forward to trying this on console as I have heard good things about the PC version. Is there a place we can direct questions about the forum? Is there a way to customize the cursor and font? Having a hard time finding the cursor on the screen and the lettering is a bit hard as well. Would like to make them both white permanently. Otherwise the place looks great!
  12. Gallant Prime

    WoT console community sign in here

    You know no one reads that stuff until tier 10, right? Also my point was: "No need to write a book but something quick." and "What are you going to do different from your PC experience?"
  13. Gallant Prime

    WoT console community sign in here

    So those in the know--played the PC version, tell us cabin boy tankers who have never played WOWs what to expect? What is similar to tanks, what is way different? No need to write a book but something quick. Crews? Grinding? MM? RNG? Are there weakspots to aim at? Premium things? Equipment? You are starting over--what are you going to do different from you PC experience? Also is there a way to change the forum color scheme? Grey on dark grey and shades of blue is not the easiest on these eyes.
  14. Gallant Prime

    Lot of familiar names posting

    Are we allowed to say screw you Ruthless here?
  15. Gallant Prime

    WoT console community sign in here

    Ahoy you salty dogs!