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  1. seanmcq2002

    If you could have 1 thing in game.

    Graf Zeppelin with squadrons of flying Waffentraeger E100s. I'll settle for a Tirpitz though...
  2. seanmcq2002

    Graf von Spee

    Sounds like a great Captain for my Tirpitz.
  3. seanmcq2002

    So which game requires more skill, WOTC or WOWl ?

    Tanks is fully monetized, Ships isn't, yet. I'd say Ships.
  4. seanmcq2002

    Official world of warships legends trailer

    Mmmmmmmm Bismarck, can't wait.
  5. seanmcq2002

    Two questions for all of you

    1. Pong 1976 2.MechAssault OG XB when Xbl first went live, never did much care for having to build a PC just to play a game when consoles are so much less head ache.
  6. seanmcq2002

    Would you like to see the Graf Zepplin in the game?

    Just give every launch day player a Saipan, and watch the hilarity ensue.
  7. seanmcq2002

    Breaking the waves

    I love how the railing around the rear AA makes a heart shape.
  8. seanmcq2002

    Favorite Ships/Battles

    Pearl Harbor, USS Phoenix, My great Uncle Donald was a machinist mate on her on that day. He and the ship both made it home. The Phoenix was eventually sold to Argentina, and became even more infamous as the General Belgrano.
  9. Ditto. Really looking forward to this.
  10. seanmcq2002

    The Wishlist

    I want to see the Cleveland, pre-AFT nerf.