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  1. dreadnought8283

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone! An thx again wg for finally bringing wot out the consoles finally, and allowing us to test it for you!
  2. dreadnought8283

    Second distribution of PS4 codes (US+CA+MX)

    Just got my code an downloading as we speak! Thank you for this opportunity!
  3. Good k didn't think that made since considering wot didn't need it
  4. Just heard that players needed ps4+ to play wows is that true, and if so is that just due to testing?
  5. dreadnought8283

    WoWS submarine gameplay, will console or PC get subs?

    The subs are cool, but for sure other parts of the game are far more important at thus time plus it'll giving pc plenty of time to perfect sub gaming if implemented
  6. dreadnought8283

    IJN Battleships

    Kinda sad wg did just implement that method on the izumo since the way it is now is kinda useless.
  7. dreadnought8283

    IJN Battleships

    Totally agree an would love to see it tho I do like izumo but in its current configuration not so much rather it should have been like the Nelson with all guns facing forward
  8. dreadnought8283

    IJN Battleships

    To bad the #13 wasn't in game
  9. dreadnought8283

    Looks like we have company...

    The ship looks great! Can't wait for the game to be on its way an completely out of testing, and can't wait for the Russian dd line an US light cruiser lines in the future 😄
  10. dreadnought8283

    Breaking the waves

    Funny considering I've beta tested wows pc, wot console, and been playing everything wg has made since 2010....but fun is all I'm interested in.... an I do believe I've seen you on the wot forums what happen? I don't believe I've seen you their post in quite some time now considering I check in from time to time throughout the day.
  11. dreadnought8283

    Breaking the waves

    Who says that I will be? Doesn't hurt to try now does it? It's the same right, thrill, and enjoyment to why everyone is signing up need I say more?
  12. dreadnought8283

    Breaking the waves

    Well for starters I don't use discord, and nor do I have an abundance amount of time to research things thoroughly, and with that said is why I ask the question got a problem with that? An besides ever heard ask an you shall receive, and guess what I received on the very 1st response. So if ppl asking questions is annoying you I'd suggest getting over or keeping your input to yourself 😉
  13. dreadnought8283

    Breaking the waves

    K sounds good just been hearing a lot of back am forth answers, but I've seen nothing about it on here or email wise so wad curious an kinda anxious lol
  14. dreadnought8283

    Breaking the waves

    She's a sexy ship an beast at her tier! Also have the ps4 codes been emailed out for the alpha testers or are we still waiting?