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    Legends on the WoWs anniversary stream

    They'd probably end up giving you a Lada, or something with Adidas stripes on it.

    Official world of warships legends trailer

    "TaMe ThE SeA MoNsTeRs", should've done a retake for that line

    Breaking the waves

    Now that I think about it you're one of the only testers who are in it for the good of the game, seems most just wanted a sneak peek at the game and nothing more.

    It's cold out there

    Love the weathering effects done to the vessel. there's just something about going into battle with a prestine fresh out of factory Ship or Tank that always bothered me. Nice to be able to play with some "Gently" used boats.

    Discord - all aboard!

    Not trolling but you pick that post over my other two constructive ones?, Anyway I understand that "you're trying to get with times" and you need a place to conduct private conversations with testers but again Discord isn't the place to do it. Everything is so mashed together I find it difficult to find things not to mention I have to make yet another account. It isn't built around the premise for a professional company to use as essential information distribution. Discord's purpose is to be used as a way to allow Youtubers and Steamers to have dedicated pages for their fans and followers, It's layout reflects this. Honestly Facebook and Twitter would've been better options as those websites are much easier to understand and most, including myself, already have accounts for those,And what's stopping people from accessing the official forum on their phones? Forums are not preferred by PC users either, before it tanked the WOT console forum had just as much if not more users on it than it's PC counterpart.Like I said before in the end I have no control over your decisions,I still will be completely supportive of this however, if it's what you think is best for us then don't allow me to stop you.I'm just mainly skeptical as the last forum I was in did something similar to this and it blew right back in their faces.

    Would you like to be able to buy hourly premium time?

    I'd personally like to have 1-4$ gold purchasing items on games WOT sometimes all I want is to de-mount a piece of equipment which is like 30 gold and it sucks how I have to pay5$ minimum. There should be really small mini packs like 1$ = 150 gold or 8 hours of premium time on warships.
  7. I'm pretty confused as to why Warships console addition was built from the ground up and not just ported from PC. The Xbox one and PS4 base models both meet the recommended specs and use a architecture similar to a PC. Change the controls and UI to be more console friendly make the PC and console servers separate. That would be way easier then almost completely remaking it right?


    Legends at the moment only goes up to tier 7, when that will be changed I don't know. So no Yama.....Oh wait I see what you did there LOL.

    A sea of opportunities

    Well according to Rule 34 if it exists there is a porn of it.

    Discord - all aboard!

    A professional company putting 3rd party social media websites 1rst over their own forum.......Feel like I've seen that happen before but I really can't put my finger on it. Anyway they can do whatever they want I suppose, just wish they picked reddit instead as that's much easier to navigate.

    Discord - all aboard!

    Is it just me or am I getting a sense of deja vu right now?

    Two questions for all of you

    Here's a funny story I got a friend who's really into older DOS and Commadore systems and he had me play a Superman game for the Commador 64, I put the floppy in and I had to put in this weird combination on keys just to load the damn thing. After about 8 minutes of loading I get the chance to pick a character, which went as well as you think. Next thing I know he's having me flip through this book just to find the command key to pick Superman. After 13 minutes I finally got the chance to play. Thank goodness I never had to grow up in that.

    Discord - all aboard!

    I personally think that it's the wrong place for a professional company to conduct community interaction, The discord is meant more for Youtubers,Clans and streamers who want to spat stuff at their followers, It's not really meant to be set up like a forum.

    Discord - all aboard!

    I agree with you on that. I'm pretty confused as to why the discord is used as the primary feedback and announcements page and the official forum is like the secondary. The official forums layout and ease of access would make it better suited for interacting with the community right?

    Discord - all aboard!

    I tried to get a Discord account, which it told me to download and well I can't really do that. My laptop broke ages ago and Xbox's built in browser doesn't support downloaded software. Is there a mobile version of Discord that I could get?