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    Unofficial Closed beta poll

    1 thing I experienced a couple times is my ship turning by itself. Happened maybe 5-6 times. Also I wish you could load half AP and half HE rounds. Especially in Battleships. If a person could bind 2 buttons to fire half the main guns and then the other half of the main guns that'd be great. Couple times I was firing at a Battleship and a cruiser snuck up on me and murdered me with torps bc my AP over penned.
  2. Thanks. I kinda thought so I just wanted to make sure.
  3. Got the code this morning. I've only been able to play 1 round and all I gotta say is I'm a happy happy camper. Got a feeling it's going to be a long night of gaming. I am wondering if the progress we make in it resets once it's officially released.